Using Numerology for Your Life Purpose


Numerology has been around for many years. You can learn more about numbers and you will find that numbers can tell you more about your life purpose and your own personality, traits and more.

Numerology focuses on numbers and on the connection that they have in the universe. These numbers will influence your life more than you realize.

Understanding Numerology

Numerology is numbers and what the numbers mean to you. This can have to do with your soul and work with your date of birth and the area where you were born. You can find out your Life Path number so that you can figure out what your life has coming in the future.

Numerology is a way that you can figure out your weaknesses, strengths, what motivates you and why you react to your emotions like you do.

Kinds of Numerology

There are different kinds of numerology such as:


Kabbalah numerology focuses on being aware of yourself. This allows you to figure out who you are. This numerology focuses on your first and middle name.


Chaldean numerology is very popular and is often used with astrology. This helps you to look at the alphabet and know that each one has a certain vibration and frequency that goes with the number.


Pythagorean numerology is named after the father of numerology, Pythagoras. This uses your date of birth and the letters of your name to help you figure out what your destiny is.

How to Use Numerology

Here are some ways that you can use numerology to tell you more about your past, present and future.

Life Path Number

This number tells you what you will face in your life, what opportunities you will have and challenges.

Figure Out Your Life Path Number

Here is how to find your Life Path number:

  • If your birthday is in March, the number would be 3.
  • The date is 20th so this would be 2+0 = 2.
  • The year you were born is 2010 so this would be 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 which equals 3.
  • Then add these together 3 + 2 + 3 = 8.
  • 8 is your Life Path number.

Expression Number

This number shows what your weaknesses and strengths are.

Soul Urge Number

This number tells you what you desire.

Birthday Number

This will show you what talents you have.

Using Numerology

Numerology is something that can guide your life. You will see that your life is full of patterns and that you connect with different people and things throughout your journey.

When your vibrations are looked at, you will see that each number has its own vibration and can affect your life. Numerology is something that can give you insight into who you are and what you are going to do in your life.