Is Pisces a Lucky Sign?

Pisces a Lucky Sign

Everyone would like to have more luck in their life and many people try to make this happen by doing different kinds of rituals and by finding lucky charms to keep with them. They will follow karma and try to find positive vibes. Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign was lucky? All of the zodiac signs have some kind of luck and if you are Pisces, keep reading to find out how lucky you are.

Pisces Luck

Pisces is considered a fish, and they are people that love to dream. They have strong intuition, and they are very empathetic to others. They love people and they want to see the world be a better place. 

Pisces will work hard to make sure that they reach their goals, and they will always be there when luck shows up. Here are some of the best lucky things for Pisces:

Lucky Numbers

  • 7
  • 3

Lucky Days

  • Tuesday.
  • Thursday.
  • Sunday.

Lucky Colors

  • Blue.
  • Aqua.
  • Sea Green.

Their colors are luckiest when they are related to the colors of water since they are the fish sign. This is a sign that is ruled by the planet Neptune which is the one that rules over oceans and seas.

Lucky Tarot Cards

  • The Hanged Man Card.
  • The Moon Card.
  • Ace of Cups Card.

Lucky Crystals

  • Yellow Sapphire.
  • Red Coral.
  • Aquamarine.

These stones will protect the Pisces and bring luck into their life. The crystals will allow them to have good qualities in their life and bring healing to them.

Lucky Symbols

  • Water.
  • Fish.
  • Dreamcatchers.
  • Butterflies.

What Stops Pisces from Having Luck?

Pisces should stay away from these things in their life:

  • Blue Sapphire.
  • Pockets that are empty.
  • Rubies.

What Makes a Pisces Lucky?

Pisces are lucky because they have strong emotions, and they are very tuned in to the world around them. They are empathetic and this means that they are able to understand others. This allows people to be able to be around them and they are able to make friends easily.

This sign also is intuitive, and this helps them to be able to listen to their gut and make good decisions. They are ruled by the twelfth house, and they have psychic dreams. They are usually very psychic, and this also makes them lucky.

How to Have More Luck

In order for Pisces to have more luck, they can do these things:

  • Keep something in the right pocket so that they can have abundance.
  • Wear a watch so that they can be mindful and make better decisions.
  • Work on projects that you are passionate about.
  • Keep lavender around.

Final Thoughts

Pisces are very emotional, and they are very psychic. They will embrace luck around them, but they also know that they are just naturally lucky. They often will search out the meaning of things in their life and they will look at things with open minds and an open heart. They believe in superstitions, and they will use their lucky symbols close to them to bring them even more lucky.