Always remember, when you are reading about a starsign you are reading only about the Sun in your horoscope. The Sun’s position in the chart will tell you about your fundamental personality but you must also consider nine other planets: Moon, Venus, Mars and so on (in Astrology the Sun and Moon are often referred to as “planets”). If, for example, you are a Pisces (i.e. Sun in Pisces) and you have four planets in Aries, you will recognise a lot of characteristics of the sign Aries in yourself.
Approximately 1/12 of the population are Gemini. Two Gemini’s who share a birthday e.g. 14th June but were born in different years, will have the same basic characteristics but can be very different because the planetary positions on say, 14th June 1946 would be different from those on 14th June 1968.

Differences between them would also be due to different places of birth and the times of the day at which they were born. This is where the Ascendant of the chart and other elements come into play. The Ascendant shows the public personality and the way we experience the world. It is our perception of the world and the people we meet and therefore the way the world and these people will be for us.

As time goes by and we mature, the outward layers of the personality are peeled off and we become closer to the person we truly are, then we can recognise more of our Sunsign in ourselves. Often this will happen only after the thirtieth birthday.


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Uranus – the Ruler of Aquarius


Arians are pioneers. When something catches their eye, whether it is a new job, a piece of furniture – or a member of the opposite sex – they will become so possessed by desire that they appear to be wearing blinkers. Aries has great potential for leadership and will accept any challenge. They will not hesitate to pursue the object of their desire but in their enthusiasm they can step on other peoples’ toes. Patience is not a word ususlly associated with Aries.

Taureans are basically practical by nature, earthy and steady. They are very sensual people and appreciate the finer things in life. They enjoy good food, wine, music and art and the quality of these things is important. Taureans like to spend money but will insist on getting value for it.



Geminis are said to be talkative but this does not always have to be the case. However, a Gemini without contact with others will soon feel lonely and isolated. They have a talent for communication both spoken and written. The clarity of their message depends on the positions of the other planets in their chart.  

Cancerians have a talent for caring and protecting. This is what they seek in the bosom of the family. They seek to create physical and emotional stability and security for the family. They understand the needs of others but they can become the victim of their own intense emotional needs.




Leos are proud, warm and giving people and they hate petty-mindedness and stinginess. Not all Leos are dominating but they will put their foot down if somebody goes over their head. Lions can be shy but it is not usual for this sign. They have a basic need for recognition and to be in the spotlight.
  Being an earth sign, Virgos are practical and sensible by nature. Fair or otherwise, Virgos have been criticised for being over-precise and pedantic. Many Virgos reach the top in their field because of their drive and tendency to seek perfection and they often feel their best is not good enough.



Librans have difficulty using the word “No”. They seek harmony and balance in all things -and love to socialise. They have a feel for the aesthetic, and they can recognise good design and quality. Because of their ability to see things from both sides and their need for balance and harmony, they can have a hard time making decisions.  
  Scorpios are not usually talkative. If you find a Scorpio who talks a lot you may find that they still do not reveal much. In general they will express themselves economically – one or two words are enough. They have a talent for uncovering lies and betrayal and can retaliate with a single comment that hits the bullseye. The passion of Scorpio is as well known as is its tenaciousness, so if your lover is a Scorpio be prepared for love to be intense and all-consuming.




Sags are honest to the point of bluntness, especially when they – without intending to hurt people – pop out with embarassing truths about people and the way they look! Sags are born optimists, forever seeking higher knowledge, wisdom and new horizons. They prefer to forget trivial, daily routines. If you are Sag and your lover is Taurus, without you there would be no travel, and without your lover there would be no money to travel with!
  Capricorns have been called “spine of Society”. Well, they can be over-carefull, conservative and resistant to change, however, they are an invaluable part of society due to their stability, continuity – and responsibility! They can be sober and hard-working, but if they finally start having fun – it’s serious! One of their drives in life is a never-ending need to become something or somebody in their struggle for recognition and acceptance.




Aquarians seek un-traditional solutions that are both novel and innovative. They are freedom-loving individuals, yet the unity and well-being of the group – whether a group of friends or society as a whole, has top-priority. Aquarians can be stubborn and tenacious. If you want to slag an Aquarian, try this: – My God, you’re so ordinary, you are so Goddam like everybody else!
Piscian are visionary people, who do not want to hurt anybody. They will sacrifice themselves for a good cause, sometimes in true martyr-like style. Like Librans they haven’t heard that the word “no” has been invented! Not all sign are compatible with Pisces; it would be almost impossible to play match-maker for a Capricorn and a Piscian! Ouch, it’s divorce before the marriage happens.