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 The history of astrology is one of the richest and longest of all of the tools that are used in spiritual and psychic readings. Astrology was developed and used in the Western world as long ago as ancient Greece. The knowledge of those ancient and medieval astrologers enriches astrological endeavors right up to modern times.

The most well-known and popular type of divinatory astrology readings is the horoscope. It’s is based on your Zodiac sign, or your Sun sign. There are 12 Zodiac signs, which correspond to the 12 periods of the year. Your sign is determined by which period you were born within.

But there’s more to astrology than your sun sign. Knowing the precise time and exact location of your birth will help your reader give you the most accurate astrological reading possible. This information pinpoints both your moon sign and your rising sign, as well as other nuances that contribute to your birth chart. The information gives your reader deeper insight into how the current configurations of the planets is affecting you. Readers are familiar with the energy of planets, how they interact with each another, and what this may mean for you on a physical, emotional and mental planes.

Astrology readings, like tarot readings, are powerful tools for  making predictions about your future, exploring your relationships with others, and revealing patterns in your general behavior and personality. Astrology readings can provide deep and sometimes surprising answers for most questions you may have.

The reader will start by preparing a birth chart that’s based on the information you provide. The chart will show the position of the sun, the moon and planets, and the ways they were interacting at the moment you were born. Your birth chart serves as the blueprint to your personality, and reflects both your strengths and the potential challenges you will face.

With your birth chart in mind, your reader can review the present positions of the celestial bodies, and give you information regarding your personality, desires and motivations,  what effect they will have on the paths you will take and the choices you will make both now and in the future.

Preparing for an Astrology Reading

To ensure that your reader will be able to accurately prepare your birth chart and give you the most accurate insights possible, you should be prepared to provide the reader with this information:

  • The time of your birth, as close to the minute as possible.
  • The exact location of your birth.
  • Specific questions to which you’re seeking answers.

If you want to have a psychic love reading, you will need those details about the other person’s birth as well.

You’ll be amazed at how accurately the psychic will be able to describe your relationship and interpret the influence of the stars in your life. You’ll feel like she’s sitting with you and reading the book of your life!

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