What Does Your Zodiac Say About You?

What Does Your Zodiac Say About You?

Astrology plays a big role in the lives of people and can tell them about their personality and about deep things in their lives. Astrology is more than just the zodiac sign and there are other signs such as the rising sign, the moon sign and other magical ideas that help you to understand who you are.

When you understand astrology such as how the retrogrades affect you, you will see that you can understand your life even more. Here are some of the planetary bodies and planets that work in astrology!

  • Sun

Masculine energy of the sun works with your conscious thinking. It gives you an idea of what your personality is, and it shows the power that you have. If you want to understand the sun sign and how it affects you, it tells who you really are.

  • Moon

The moon works with Cancer and is a feminine energy. It works with your intuition and your emotions and shows what comforts you and helps you to keep going on. It also can give you information about who you are deep inside.

  • Planet Mercury

This planet is one that shows how you express yourself and how you communicate. It also influences other things in your life such as your intelligence and how you express what you want to share with others. Mercury works with your interpersonal communication and when it’s in retrograde, it influences other parts of your life.

  • Planet Venus

The planet of love and romance is Venus. It also shows how fertile and sensual you are. Understanding this planet in your chart will help you to understand how you give and get love.

  • Planet Mars

Mars is one that shows how much motivation you have and what causes you to have conflict. It shows that you are able to see why something doesn’t drive you or why you do or don’t assert yourself in things. It also can control your sex drive.

  • Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is considered a very lucky planet it and it represents how lucky you are and your abundance. When you want to know how to grow, look at where Jupiter is on your chart.

  • Planet Saturn

This planet is about following the laws and having structure. It also shows the obstacles that you face and how you handle life lessons. Depending on your chart, Saturn can show the structure of your life.

  • Planet Uranus

This is a planet of rebellion and chaos and when you need to change thing or you are feeling stuck, find out where Uranus is on your chart. This can also help you when you are stuck, and you need to have change or when you need to learn unexpected things or follow authority.

  • Planet Neptune

Neptune is one that works with your spiritual self and your intuition. When you have dreams, you can focus on Neptune to help you to build your imagination. This is going to influence how you use your dreams and follow them.

  • Planet Pluto

Pluto is a sign that is governed by the sign of Scorpio. This is when you are able to know who you really are and what kinds of dark shadows that you keep hidden. When you are able to do shadow work and face your negative traits, you can grow from them and learn.