Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

There are twelve zodiac signs and Scorpio is one of them. A man that is a Scorpio is going to be different than other people and if you want to date one, the best thing that you can do is to get to know him.

A Scorpio man is ruled by the planet Mars, and this is a planet that has no patience and is full of fire. This means that the Scorpio man can have strong emotions and he can be very intense and powerful. He is someone that is often touchy because of his passion, and he is very smart but secretive.

Scorpion men like to do things their own way and they don’t like to follow what everyone else wants. They don’t care if someone says that they are doing what is right because they are free spirited and they don’t like to be controlled. They are considered to be rebels at times, but they are also one of the most loyal people you would ever meet. If you have one as a partner, they are loyal and they are very devoted.

Getting a Scorpio Man

When you decided you want to date a man of this zodiac sign, you need to see if you are attracted to him and then if you can get him attracted to you. This kind of man will want to know more about you and will want to find out what you like. He will love to talk about things that are strange such as strange hobbies that you have or things that you are proud of. He will get bored easily if you talk about the mundane.

Don’t tell him stories that are lies though because he will be good at reading you and see if you are full of it or if you are someone that is honest and real. He will be able to see who you are with your eyes.

Dating a Scorpio

Once you get past his skin and you start dating this kind of man, know that he isn’t into romantic dinners or sending roses, but he will go further to reach into the hobbies and adventures that you like and make them happen for you. He will see what interests you and he will align his interests with you in that way and will always want to surprise you.

Talking to a Scorpio Man

Communicating with a Scorpion can be easy as long as you aren’t trying to manipulate or play games. He will know if you are this person. Be honest and straight with him and he will react much kinder to you. He is one that might have a bad temper, and this will happen if you are a liar or if you are trying to trick him.

He will be someone that you like to talk to because he listens well, and he is one that will listen more than he talks. If you are not giving him a chance to talk to you though he will shut down and you will never learn more about him, so be sure to give him his turn to open up to you. He is one that might be sarcastic at time, but this is out of fun, and he wants to see if you have a little bit of a dark side as well.

What Turns a Scorpio Man On?

This kind of man likes to spoil the people that he cares about. Do this back to him because he is going to be very giving and when you do little things to show him that you appreciate him and want to see him happy then this will be a big turn on.

Don’t take advantage of him and make sure that you notice that he is trying to take care of you. Be mysterious as well because he wants to know more, and this gives him a chance to find out who you are without it all being laid out easily. Let him experience you like a puzzle and be sexy to turn him on.

What Turns a Scorpio Man Off?

The fastest way to turn a Scorpio man off is to down his honesty and his integrity. The best thing that you can do is to be open and honest with him and when he is ready to show his emotions to you then you have made it deep into his heart. Don’t play games with him and don’t make fun of him when he finally opens up to you.

He is a man that is curious and one that likes to be around people that wonder about who he is and wants to see him happy. He doesn’t like to get bored and even though he is controlling himself each day, he doesn’t want you to control him but to show him how exciting the relationship can be.