Are Taurus and Aquarius Compatible?

Taurus and Aquarius

If you like astrology, then you might always be looking to see if your sun sign is compatible with other sun signs. Knowing astrology will show you that Taurus and Aquarius have a unique relationship and match. These are signs that are fixed, and this means that they are very stubborn, and they want to have their own way.

Even if these two get together, they might argue about what they want but if they can work through their different thoughts and views, they can become a powerful couple. The problem though is that once they set their mind on something, they don’t often change their mind. When problems come, neither of these signs will want to put in the effort to fix them and instead they will be defensive and judgmental.

Taurus is one that is very receptive of things around them, and the Aquarius sign is opposite and is much pushier and more assertive. They are very different in their energies but when the energies can come together and they can learn to respect each other, they can use each other’s strengths to become stronger.

This couple can work things out when Taurus is more open to what is going on and chooses to be direct in what they want. Since Aquarius is sensitive, Taurus can push things for change when needed.

When it comes to sex, Taurus will use their emotions while Aquarius wants to just have sex and have fun because they feel that sex should happen in all couple relationships. Taurus will also have a desire for commitment, and this can be hard on Aquarius because they want to feel free. It will be important to have trust in order to make this connection work.

Earth and Air Element

Earth and air elements can work together because the earth would never make it if there was no air to help it. Air also has to have grounding that the earth provides, and this includes things like gravity. Whenever these two signs get together, they will be attracted to each other, and they will have a different kind of relationship. The problem though is that the relationship can be fun and exciting, but they don’t often work for long-term.

Taurus is one that will commit to things while Aquarius is always changing plans which leaves Taurus feeling confused and insecure. This can cause the relationship to be put on hold or to not work out at all.

Positive Traits of Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius will seem like a strange match, but they can work things out because they are able to have strong and interesting communication. When it comes to romance, Taurus has ideas that can keep the relationship interested and it helps Aquarius to take more chances and to think outside the box.

When it comes to sex, Taurus is one that will use their sensual feelings to get Aquarius to try new things in bed and this can make a connection that is stronger. Since they are both so different, they can help each other to change and grow both together and in themselves. Once they find balance in what they want, they can be powerful together.

Negative Traits of Taurus and Aquarius

Since this relationship can be so strange, it might be a match that is full of mysteries. It will be hard to make things last though because Taurus wants to have a connection with their partner that is deep and lasting while Aquarius wants to just live life in the now and to be spontaneous and free.

At first the relationship will seem fun and exciting and that is why they often work short-term, but as it goes on, neither of them will find that they aren’t getting the things that they need. Since they are fixed signs, they will both be strong in what they think and they won’t want to change their opinions, no matter what. This can make them argue a lot and it can cause the relationship to be strained.

These signs form a square on the zodiac wheel which means that their relationship will be challenging, and they will have to deal with having someone that is strong willed, just like they are.

How to Make Love Work

Taurus and Aquarius can make love work between them, but it will be something that takes hard work and will be challenging. Since they can both be opinionated and dramatic, it can be hard to make the relationship last for a long time. They are both signs that are fixed which means they will likely be stubborn and won’t want to give in.

The good thing though is that they will have a strong chemistry and if they want to be successful, they can talk through things and have strong communication, and this will help them to have a better relationship. They both have to be willing to sacrifice their power so that they can keep the spark going.