Who is the Taurus Man?

Taurus Man

Taurus is one of the zodiac signs and they are ruled by the planet Venus and an earth sign. They are people that are grounded and focused. Since this is an earth sign then they are likely someone that is going to be reliable to you and will do whatever he says he is going to do. He will do whatever he needs to so that he can appreciate life and he works hard so that he can have fine things.

He is someone that works hard and will do whatever it takes to have a good life. He wants to make the best life for himself, and his family and he will achieve financial success no matter what that looks like. This man likes to have nice things though but that doesn’t mean that he is materialistic or superficial, he just likes nice things, but he likes trust and loyalty even more than material things.

Understanding the Taurus Man

This is a guy that is going to be determined to have a good family. He wants to have security and so he will seek that in a partner. He loves different things like fine foods and will have his home decorated with nice decorations. He collects things and is often referred to as the “collector” because he collects material things, relationships and will even collect experiences to add to his list.

He will have decor of his home that is full of collections. If he is finding you a gift, he will want to start a collection for you or if you want to give him a gift he loves, give him something in one of his connections. He will feel that you really appreciate and respect him if you do. Of course, he also likes gadgets or nice things like a fancy watch or jewelry. He loves to give but he also loves to get, and this might even be his love language.

Love Characteristics of the Taurus Man

Here are some of the love characteristics of a Taurus man:

  • Dislikes superficial relationships.
  • Wants a loyal partner and friend.
  • Loyalty is one of the most wanted things in his life.
  • He is generous about material things.
  • He is very affectionate.
  • Shows appreciation to those that he loves.
  • Will show love to special people in his family and his relationships.
  • He is independent.
  • Shares things in his life with other people.
  • Loves to make memories.
  • Wants to be comfortable.
  • Loves luxuries.
  • Works hard.
  • Isn’t lazy.
  • Loves adventures.

Negative Traits of a Taurus

Even though a Taurus has great personality traits, there are some things that aren’t so great. He is one that can get angry fast and even though this is short before it blows over, he can make hurt feelings quickly.

Sometimes this man can be stubborn. But if he is trying to solve something, he can be flexible. He is a fixed sign like Aquarius and Leo and so they adapt to change well as long as they are able to keep their own traditions. Taurus is one that likes to be traditional, and he is loyal and devoted to those in his life.

One problem with him is he often gets jealous. He wants to have a secure relationship in his life and if he feels that you are betraying him then he will leave the relationship. He is protective and caring over those that he loves but if he feels that you betrayed him, he will no longer be there for you. It is hard to get him upset but if you do then you can kiss him goodbye.

Even small disagreements can cause him to get angry, but he will help to solve them fast. He won’t stay mad very long usually but when he feels insecure with you, that’s when he holds a grudge.

Good Traits of a Taurus Man

There are so many good traits of a Taurus man, but his best trait is that he is loving and loyal. He is one that is positive, and he is able to see the beauty in all things around him. He has Venus as his ruling planet and so he is very romantic and affectionate. He loves to see new things and he gets excited when he travels to new places, or he is on new adventures. He loves music and he might even be able to play the guitar or another instrument.

This is a man that will focus on his finances, and he will work hard in his job to make sure that he is able to have nice things. He loves his relationships and when he is romantic with you, he will be sensual and creative in the bedroom.