What Are Astrology Transits?

Astrology Transits

Knowing astrology can help you to know yourself and others more. Astrology has movements in the celestial bodies that relate to your life. It is not only just a science, but as you notice the motion of the stars and planets, you can understand how people act and who they are. Astrology can also help you to understand your life and even your future. As you experience new things, the natural events that happen will affect each person differently.

Astrology is a tool that can help you to make it through situations in your life that are hard. You can look at different things in your life and you can notice the energies of the universe and how they affect how you are feeling.

Astrological Transits

Astrological transits are when the planets move in certain ways. When the planets move in relation to other transiting planets, you can understand how your life is impacted by looking at your birth chart.

Planets are always moving unless they are in a stationary position. They can form aspects according to your birth chart and these things can change your emotions and your energies. There area some feelings that can help people when they are dealing with challenging times. Astrological transits can determine what condition he planets are in and the strengths of the planets while in a birth chart.

Importance of Transits

Planets that move slower like Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus have stronger transits than other planets. This happens because the planets are moving longer, and this means that the effects will last longer. When a planet is moving faster, it will end quicker, and this includes Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.

The moon has a transit that can last for just a few hours and Venus and Mercury will be short like one day. Even though they are short though, depending on what part of the chart they are in with your birth chart, they can affect your life. This is true especially if you have things like a fixed star, key natal planet, or house cusp in your chart.

Strongest Transits

Astrological transits will be super important when you look at your birth chart. You can talk to an astrologist so that you can find out what the placement is and how the transit will affect you. There are some things that will impact your life strongly and other things that will not affect your life as much.


  • Transit sun: People, achievements, traits.
  • Natal sun sign: The sun is the brightest star and can be seen from earth.
  • Square: Feelings of challenges or feeling confronted.

Having a strong natal planet in your house or your sign can mean that you will be able to improve your qualities and manifest things but if the placement is weak then there should be less benefits to your life.

  • Soft Jupiter: Increases opportunities.
  • Venus: Can bring money and love.
  • Hard Jupiter and any other planet: Tension, egotism, overreaching.

When you are using your energies with Jupiter, you can make a spiritual connection and you can use Jupiter in any transit to bring luck into your life.

  • Saturn: Contracts anything it transits.
  • Trine or Sextile: Solidify the reward if you are disciplined.
  • Saturn Trine: Helps you to get rid of bad habits.
  • Saturn square: Opposes planets and will be a challenge.
  • Saturn in a Hard Aspect with Venus: Romance will come.

Saturn will teach you and it will allow you to have more spiritual experiences and more growth.

  • Mercury Retrograde: Makes communication go bad.
  • Mercury Trine: Creates good opportunities to rework things in your life.
  • Transiting Mercury Retrograde: Makes you feel stuck or makes you make bad decisions.
  • Mercury in a Square: Sorting out bad decisions.

Pluto can transit and it can mean that you won’t be stopped and that you can go through growth and change. When it is soft, it can bring harmony to your life and change.

When Pluto is a square, it can cause you to have other issues and it will be impossible to ignore. You have to remember that Pluto transits will be freeing, and it will help you to have more energy and to have strong influence.

Why Can Astrological Transits Help You?

Things in life need to be timed out and astrological transits can help you to figure out when to make the best decisions in your life. It can help you to know what is important and know when you should stay or walk away.

When you know how to act and how to use your energies, you can make future decisions and you can choose to do things that will make you have more opportunities in your life and to reach your highest good.



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