What is a Taurus?


Taurus is one of the zodiac signs that were born between April 20th and May 20ths. This is someone that is patient, who is strong and that is loyal. They are associated with the earth element and ruled by Venus. Taurus is known as a sign that is considered loving and they are devoted to people that they love.

Taurus is one of the zodiacs that aren’t afraid of doing things and working hard. They will do whatever it takes to get their job done and to reach their goals. If you have this person on your team, then you will see that they will listen to your opinion, but they will do what they want in the end.

This sign is someone that will be a great partner or a spouse to you and they are full of skills. They also are known to be great lovers.

Earth Sign

The Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and they are people that are grounded. They don’t like to be around people that lie and when you hurt them or deceive them then they will no longer be on your side. They are able to handle problems because they are dedicated but if you hurt them then they will be gone.

Once a Taurus decides something, they will most likely not change their mind. They will want to date you and if you do date them, they will want to treat it like an interview. Not only will they want to find out who you are, they will want to make sure that you feel fireworks by their energies. They will be dedicated unless you hurt them and then expect to be kicked to the curb.

After the Taurus makes up their mind, they won’t change it and if you are out with them and they get an attitude where they are being all about business, this means that you are probably wasting their time and it probably means the relationship is coming to an end. If they want to be in a long term relationship, they will go right away to dating you seriously and then marriage.

Romantic Taurus

People that are under the Taurus sign are normally loving and devoted. They can take a long time to find love but once they do, they are very romantic. They will want to spend time with someone that they love, and they enjoy being close and cuddling. They are grounded and they are loyal to their partners and when they find a match, they will be in a relationship that lasts forever.

Taurus Women

These are women that will set boundaries and they will give instructions to what they want but they are someone that is so supportive that you won’t mind that. They are women that will have a hard time listening to what their mind is telling them, and they are stubborn in what they believe. They are people that support those that they love and even if they have a disagreement with you, they will support you. They will be great in the bedroom, and they are comfortable when they have a partner that makes the first move.

Taurus Men

Taurus men are men that love to be in strong relationships. They are giving and they love to have sex. They will work hard to satisfy their partners and they will keep going until they do. Taurus men are not people that like to experiment, and they love to show affectionate the traditional ways such as flowers or candy.

Taurus Children

Taurus children will find a direction to go, and they will go after it. They need to have teachers and people that take care of them, that are patient and that want to motivate them on the right path. This kind of child will work hard and will be able to perform skits or sing songs. They love to be the center of everyone’s world.

Good Things About a Taurus

Taurus people are eons that love nice things. They are the “bull,” and they love to go shopping in shops that are expensive. They love to have structure and they will give their whole hearts when they are finding something that they love. They are truthful and beautiful, and they will be gifted.

They have a great sense of humor, and they are witty. They use their mind to get information and they have impeccable memories. When people come to their homes, they are very good at hosting and if they plan an event, they won’t stop until things are perfect. They are compassionate and caring and they care about what other people are feeling.

Negative Things About a Taurus

This sign is one that will follow the crowd. They will help people so much that they become so tired. This will cause them to eventually just shut down and to have to spend time on their own. They don’t like labels, but they love to be praised for the things that they do.

Famous Taureans

  • The Rock.
  • Barbara Streisand.
  • Adele.
  • Audrey Hepburn.
  • Kelley Clarkson.
  • Stevie Wonder.