Are Capricorn and Cancer Compatible?

Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are two of the zodiac signs that make an amazing love match. They are very supportive when it comes to their relationships and they are there for their partner in every way including financially, physically, emotionally and any way that you can think of. They are on the opposite side of each other according to the zodiac wheel and they are part of the seventh house. This means that they are willing to commit to their partner and anything that one doesn’t have, the other will have it and give it. They have tons of things in common and they are both very balanced.

Cancer is the mother sign and Capricorn is the father sign and so it is not surprising that these two make a great match. They are cardinal signs which means that the signs start different seasons, and this means that they are likely going to have a traditional view of things. They like to have good things in their life and they both want to have a happy home and to have a family and a partner that loves them equally.

These two signs together make a great love match, and they have a lot of fun when it comes to sex. They will make sure that the other has their needs met and this makes things great for their relationship.

Earth and Water Elements

Earth has to have water in order for it to survive and so this is why these two signs go together so great. Cancer and Capricorn make a great team when they come together, and they will be attracted to each other. It doesn’t mean that they will come together as a couple but when they do, the bond that they have will be strong and it will last. They are people that want to provide for those that they love and since they are both cardinal signs, they will have great taste in what they own, in their home and in the things that they like to do. People that know them want to be part of their lives and their home.

Positive Traits of Cancer and Capricorn

These two signs are opposite on the zodiac wheel, and this means that they will be able to pick up where the other is lacking. They will be great people that come together rand they will have a lot of balance. The thing is though, the chemistry will also be there, and this means that they will be attracted to each other in every way.

When it comes to money and finances, they both work hard and achieve their goals and so this allows them to come together to have things that they want. Capricorn is one that provides well, and Cancer is one that nurtures and so all the needs of the relationship are there. This means that they can have a happy and comfortable home and they can get the things that they desire. They also can make great parents together.

Negative Traits of Cancer and Capricorn

No couple is perfect and there will be arguments and disagreements between Capricorn and Cancer just like other signs. It is important that they look at each other differently and that they tolerate these differences. Since they are very compatible, even when things are hard, they will work through it.

These two signs both work hard and they want to have things that are nice for their home. Cancer does have a hard time dealing with the fact that Capricorn works all the time and Capricorn will feel that Cancer is obsessed and shouldn’t be. They will have disagreements and they have to work through them.

Making Love Work

Capricorn and Cancer are six signs or 180 degrees away from each other and this means that they are a perfect match. They are called a trine, and this means that they have the same qualities. They come together and can make one of the best kinds of couples that there are. They will be attracted to each other like magnets, or they can repel each other just as strongly.

In order to be successful, everything needs to be compromised. They both have to be able to talk about things that are wrong and put in effort to keep each other happy. This is something that will take the life of the relationship, but it will be worth it each step of the way because the relationship will be so good.