Knowing Your Shadow Sign

Zodiac Strengths

Most people that you would talk to could tell you something about their sun sign. This is the place where the sun was when they were born. Most people know things about their sign. There are 12 sun signs, and these are the signs of the zodiac.

The Gemini sign for example is one that is social and loves to talk. There are different traits for each of the signs, but the thing is that every sign has a shadow self. These are part of ourselves that we don’t like to talk about, or we don’t like to face. But everyone has to face their shadow self in order to become stronger and better.

Zodiac Strengths and Shadow Side

Here are some of the strengths and shadow sign of the sun signs:

  • Aries

Aries is one that is passionate and caring. They love to talk to others and are very sociable. They are also brave and have a fiery personality.

The shadow side of Aries is one that is manipulative and selfish. The like things done their way or no way. When they take on a project, they often don’t finish it.

Aries need to work on these weaknesses in order to strengthen who they are. They can do this by meditating and focusing on what is happening in front of them right now. Staying focused and following through what they do will help them to not be bored and help them to be more responsible.

Another thing that Aries can do is to be active. As they do this, they can burn up some of their energy that will keep them from being agitated or angry. Let the energy go as they move and make sure that they sweat.

It is equally important for Aries to eat healthily and to avoid things like alcohol or foods that are too spice. These might cause their temperament to flair up and if they drink enough water and eat fruit, it will keep them calm.

  • Taurus

Taurus is one that loves to have nice things and they love to have money and to prosper. They are an earth sign, and they are very reliable in nature.

The shadow side of this sign is that they are stubborn and can be jealous or possessive of those that they love. They also want to always be in control, and this can be hard for those around them. They have to learn to let others do some of the tasks and to delegate some of their work.

It is important for Taurus to take chances and to try new things. They can start small things like taking a new class or eating at a new restaurant. But it isn’t a good idea to overindulge too much, and they need to learn to trust people around them. Don’t think that everyone is out to get you and make sure that you don’t hold on to grudges if you’re a Taurus.

  • Gemini

Geminis are a sign of duality, and they are able to communicate and to be charming. They are also quick to move and make decisions.

The shadow side of this sign is one that they aren’t able to focus, and they are often quick about saying things and gossiping about other people. It is important for the Gemini to slow down and to feel grounded.

Since they are an air sign, they need to make sure that they don’t fall into lies and that they face their shadow. When they hear gossip, they shouldn’t repeat it and they need to make sure that they put themselves in the shoes of others.

Always be kind and genuine when you form relationships and make sure that those that care about you know who you are. Focus on life and slow down a little bit so that you can be grounded and balanced. Try meditating and doing things like yoga to strengthen yourself.

Eat foods that are plant based and stay away from meats and dairy that is heavy so that you don’t get tired and sluggish. Drink a lot of water and eat your meals slowly so that you don’t get too full too fast.

  • Cancer

Cancers are a water sign, and they are very sensitive. They will keep up a wall until they really get to know people. They are sensitive and they nurture others. They are also emotional and compassionate.

Cancers might seem moody and sad or tough, but they really can work on this if they nurture themselves. They can feel better if they use self-care. Since they are so moody, they need to make sure that they do things like take a bubble bath or learn to relax and let go of negativity.

If you are a Cancer and you feel emotional, you need to go out and connect with the earth around you. Ground yourself by going out in nature and do other things like yoga to feel more grounded. Eat foods that comfort you and nourish you. Don’t overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

  • Leo

Leos are people that are proud and that believe in themselves. They are dramatic and they want to be the center of attention. They are natural leaders.

The shadow side of Leo is that they are often arrogant and full of themselves. They want to always be in control over everything. They have to learn to let people make their own mistakes and not to try to control everyone around them.

Just because they are prideful doesn’t mean they are right. They have to let go of their ego and learn to be humble. Instead of always being the center of attention, they need to let other people talk.

Leos do have a good heart and they don’t like to see others put down or mistreated so they can learn to live a less egotistical life by volunteering their time and helping others.

  • Virgo

Virgos are people that are there to serve others. They will work hard to do things right and they are very efficient. They will be organized and keep things in order.

This sign is very detailed and obsessed, and they don’t see things from other people’s point of view. They also can be perfectionists, which makes it hard to meet their demands.

Virgo needs to look deep at their life and focus on the details. They need to look at things from different perspectives and live their best life.

Instead of having to always be perfect, they need to allow themselves to make mistakes. They will need to see that everything will be okay and learn to have some fun. Have new energy and learn to embrace it.

  • Libra

Libra is a sign that is charming and is good at being in relationships. They are an air sign, and they are balanced and sociable. They also love to have peace and harmony.

The shadow side of Libra is that they have a hard time making decisions and they often compromise even when they believe in something strongly. Instead of upsetting someone, they will not make a decision that will stir up something but will keep the peace.

Its important for Libra to stand up for themselves and to listen to their heart. They need to honor their decisions even if other people get upset. Don’t be a people pleaser and don’t be anxious about everything. Stop overthinking every decision that is made and give yourself time to let go and to think things through.

Libras need to appreciate the nice things around them, and this is their home, work and anywhere they are at. Look at the nice things, notice the sounds and the smells.

  • Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign that is intense and magnetic. They are very sensuous, and they are also mysterious.

The shadow side of the Scorpio is that they often have behavior that is harmful to themselves. They are also very vindictive and controlling and when someone hurts them, they hold grudges. They are very smart and charming, but they are also unforgiving when they are hurt.

Sometimes this sign is not really understood since they are so intense. They need to learn to let go of things and not feel used. They should use their power to find their life purpose. They are loving and caring and they will go deep when they care for someone. Learn to let go of hurt and have a good life.

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign that loves to try new things and to be free. They are fire sign, so they are positive and spontaneous.

The shadow side of this sign is that they are often insincere, and they are rebellious in their thinking. They want to have freedom and they love to go on new adventures. They want to be around people that are truthful and honest and if not, they will be offensive.

This sign is one that is creative and will do whatever they are responsible for. They will take on tasks and enjoy doing them. They will look for new opportunities and will embrace them.

Sags are people that are able to set good intentions and, but they are sometimes harsh when they tell someone something and this can be hard. They are often seen as someone cold. They have to learn to be softer when they talk to others and instead of taking long trips all the time, they need to take short trips just to go somewhere fun and clear their mind.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn is one that is disciplined and will reach their goals no matter what it takes. They make great leaders, and they are very determined in what they do.

The shadow side of Capricorn is that they are not able to open up their heart or mind and they hate change. They will try to control everything and will fight against change.

It is important for Capricorns to try to allow some change to come even if its small. They can shop at a store they don’t normally shop at or eat at a place they don’t normally eat at. Start small and see that changes aren’t all bad.

They would do good at meditating and quieting their mind. They should do a lot of physical activity and do things like swimming and yoga. They also need to laugh and to have fun. Spend time with people that are entertaining and that make them smile and have a good time.

  • Aquarius

Aquarians are people that are independent, and they love to assert their thoughts. They are an air sign, and they are free. They want to see everyone equal and they will do what they can to meet their friends wishes. They believe everyone should be treated well.

The air sign has a shadow side which is that they might be cold and hard to get close to. They are people that think a lot and they need to learn to compromise in their thinking. They can help others to be successful by giving their opinion, but they also can compromise when others aren’t satisfied.

It is important for the Aquarius to go slow and to talk and communicate about what they are thinking. They need to not always argue their point but learn to talk in a peaceful and kind way. They should make sure that they have an overall well-being and that they are connected in their mind, body, and soul. They can do this by going for a walk-in nature, meditating, and doing yoga.

  • Pisces

Pisces are people that are sensitive, and very spiritual. They are a water sign, and they have strong intuition and are very sensitive and emotional.

The shadow side of Pisces is that they don’t control their emotions, but their emotions control them. They will sometimes get depressed and feel that life is hopeless.

They are a sign that is challenged, and they need to learn to adapt to what is going on around them. They hate change and it is important for them to learn to let change come sometimes. They can do this by being grounded. It is good for the Pisces to go outside into nature and to swim or just be physical.

Pisces need to be cautious when using alcohol or drugs because they are prone to addiction. They want to see the world get better, but they have to start making their own lives better first.