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Twin Flame

Twin flame relationships offer something no other relationship can do. It is an intense relationship because you always seem to know what the other person is thinking and feeling.

It is an odd sensation when you meet a twin flame as it seems like you are looking at yourself. You may even have some of the same mannerisms and that can be unnerving for some.

Others see it as a spiritual gift and enjoy these moments with twin flames as something especially designed by the Universe and sealed by fate.

Twin flames vs. Soulmates

Some may confuse the two. After all, they are similar but there is a distinct difference. With twin flames, they feel like they are the same soul. Soulmates are united but know they are individual people and often have different interests and ways of thinking. They fit together despite differences will the twin flames fit because they are two of the same kind.

Signs That You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

There are some clear signs that you are in the presence of your twin flame. Most are pretty easy to identify but you must pay attention.

  • Love comes immediately

Many people don’t believe in love at first sight but twin flames know exactly what it is and how it works. When you fall for someone immediately, be aware they could be your twin flame.

That doesn’t meet that every love-at-first-sight experience is a sign that person is your twin flame. After all, some people fall in love at the drop of a hat. Others have a more lust-at-first-sight mentality.

Just be sure to understand the difference between feeling like you are in love at a moment’s notice and really experiencing love at first sight.

  • Your meeting is of fate.

There is a lot to be said for fate, that natural energy that draws two people together. Twin flames are drawn to each other like magnets and you need to go with the flow.

Some people get upset when things appear to go differently from what you expect. However, the change, of course, can be helpful in leading you to your twin flames. Life is trying to point you down a path to your twin flame!

Instead of griping about changes, try to welcome them with the understanding that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this point in life.

  • Same likes and dislikes.

Some people have some likes and dislikes in common but twin flames have most of those in common. It is so similar that it’s scary. Remember, a twin flame is like looking at yourself so it will feel eerie.

This could even mean the same family background as well as growing-up experiences, the movies, and music you like, and even your life philosophy can be nearly identical.

  • You love their voice.

While others may have a nice voice, your twin flame has a voice that seems to call you home. It is comforting and can easily settle you down if you’re agitated. It isn’t necessarily a perfect voice but is one that you are immediately attracted to hearing.

It just feels right and you know it in your heart even before you actually meet the person.

  • You just know.

Hidden knowledge is hard to explain because there is no rhyme or reason to it. You are just drawn to this person and know in your heart and in your head, this person is your twin flame.

This comes with such certainty that you have no question the knowledge is real.

Seeing these things happening in your life can be thrilling. Don’t get impatient and don’t try to rush it. Things will happen naturally as they are supposed to happen.

When these things start, start mentally preparing yourself. It may be time to look at your life to see if there is a chance of a twin flame entering your life. It could be closer than you think.

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