Are You an Aquarius? Learn About You!


If you were born between January 20 and February 18th, then you are an Aquarius sign. This is someone that is a sun sign that is ruled by the planet Uranus and the air element. This sign is found in the Eleventh House. 

The symbol of the Aquarius is a water bearer, and this means that they give life to the earth while sharing their knowledge. This sometimes shows someone having a jug and bending down pouring it and represents doing good and servicing others.

The Aquarius is a leader that works in the community and the world and is humble and caring. They are people that want to see the world become something better.

Who Are the Aquarius?

These are people that are exciting, independent, positive, have strong opinions, can be asked anything and someone that is creative, playful, fun and a little bit quirky. They are also people that believe in what they believe, and they are unique. They often see and hear things that other people don’t know or understand.

A person that is willing to travel and go through their life journey are people that are Aquarius’, and they are part of nature.

Symbols of the Aquarius

These are represented by the water bearer, and they want to give knowledge to others. They are smart and they are people that want to see the future changed for the good.

Season, Mode, and Element

The season is influenced by the air element, and it is a fixed mode. The experiences that you have will affect your personality and if you aren’t an Aquarius you will benefit from knowing one.

Sometimes you might feel restless when it is winter and when spring games, you will be happier. Aquarius seasons come at the right time, and they can change your energy and help you to change. The energy of this sign is one that works with the air element and Uranus. The season of this is a new season with new ideas.

Aquarius are energetic and they are social. They love to watch sci-fi movies and to talk about politics. They don’t like gossip or small talk and they want to see their friendships make it and to be strong. They want change and they will do what it takes to reach their dreams.

These are social people, and they work with the air element. The air is something that isn’t seen but it is powerful, just like the ideas and the relationships of the Aquarius. They believe in new things and like to keep things exciting. They love ideas and to have more information. They connect through love, and they seek out knowledge in the media, in the news and by listening to what others say.

The symbol of the Aquarian glyph can look like three stacked waves but is normally just the current of wind. The power that they have can make electricity because air is powerful and scattered.

The mode of the Aquarius is a fixed mode, and this starts in the middle of the season. The energy is strong and is full of new ideas. This can put them at odds with themselves. They like to see things consistently, and they don’t work well to be flexible. They listen to others’ views, but they don’t follow or believe in them.

They will love to learn new things and they will be logical when they follow problems. They think outside of the box, and they have a hard time looking inward. They do love to dream.

Ruling Planet

Uranus is the ruling planet of the Aquarius, and this is a higher level that makes them creative, intuitive, strong, smart, chaotic, guided, vision-having and full of insight and imagination.

The Aquarius loves to be guided but they want the influence to be what they believe in. They test things and they get rid of things that don’t help or serve them. They will look at references and find a way to solve things outside of the box. They want structure but they don’t compromise well. They will use foundation when they come up with an idea.

Uranus is an energy that isn’t male or female and the Aquarius doesn’t want to conform to different stereotypes.

Ruling House

Aquarius are in the Eleventh House. They are full of friendships, humanitarian, goodness, and other things. They like to look at everything going on around them and they care about things like saving animals, taking care of the earth, and having a good government.

The Eleventh House is a group of people that have the same kind of outcome. They want to follow causes that help others, and they look for commonality to work on who they are. They hate prejudice and discrimination, and they won’t agree with it. They are compassionate and objective on a social level.

Traits of an Aquarius

There are different traits of an Aquarius, and they have strong personalities. Here are some of the traits of the Aquarius:

  • Feisty.
  • Intelligent.
  • Detached from emotions.
  • Full of ideas.
  • Follow logic.
  • Solve problems that aren’t solvable.
  • Know the feelings of others.
  • Emotional.
  • Engaging in their own the thoughts.
  • Unique.
  • Interesting.
  • Love UFO’s and sci-fi.
  • Work well with technology.
  • Know how things work.
  • Love trends.
  • Love new ideas.
  • Electric.
  • Exciting.
  • Love their partners.
  • They don’t get bored.
  • Very loyal.
  • Committed to relationships.
  • Don’t talk about their feelings to others.
  • Honest.
  • Brutal.
  • Can become distracted.
  • Dreamers.
  • Brilliant.
  • Hate feeling trapped.
  • Make impulsive decisions.
  • Don’t like contradictions.
  • Fear compromising who they are.
  • Individualistic.
  • Unpredictable.
  • Strong ego.
  • Know it all.
  • Want to have new ideas.
  • Love to brainstorm.
  • Want to be right.
  • Love science.
  • Playful.
  • Creative.
  • Stimulating.
  • Great at conversation.

Aquarius Man

This can be a guy that is charming and caring. He will show how he feels and will have a lot of friends. There will be only a few that really know him or are best friends though. They talk to others well and they ask questions that bring thought. They will go into deep conversation, and they love change.

This kind of man is often rebellious, and they love to build things. They want adventure and they will go on their own spiritual journey. They have love with others, and they feel neglected by society sometimes. They imagine things and love to learn knew knowledge and to experience the world. They have limitations but will change for someone that they love. They are very dedicated and loyal as a partner.

They will fall in love with their best friend, and they need a partner that will listen to them and let them share who they are. They are independent and smart, and they want people to accept them for who they are.

Aquarius Woman

This is a woman that is an individual and is very smart. They like to have a free spirit and they are charming and caring. They have new ideas and want to try new things. They can be rebellious and quirky, and they don’t fit well into the normalcy of society. They go towards things that are harder to get and they want to find who they are.

They will try new experiences and they hate traditions. They are passionate about changing the world and who they are. They love being around other people, but they are introverted sometimes. They don’t like drama or gossip and they don’t love romance that is sappy or over the top. They want to be praised and they are interested in people that want to reach a higher level and want to think things through. She will guard her heart from hurt and it will be hard for her to find strong friends and a partner.

This type of woman doesn’t want to lose her freedom and she will always be an individual. If she doesn’t believe in something, she won’t believe in it or work towards it. She makes her own choices.

Strengths of the Aquarius

Here are some strengths of the Aquarius sign:

  • They are different than others.
  • They are unique.
  • Friendly.
  • Easy to get along with.
  • Don’t judge others.
  • Fair.
  • Want to be heard.
  • Don’t like to be confronted.
  • Hate conflict.
  • Are respectful when they disagree with things.
  • Will keep their integrity.
  • Connect study and thoughts.
  • Analytical.
  • Get bored easily.
  • Want to find the meaning behind numbers.
  • Want to know facts.
  • Have intellect, intuition, and imagination.
  • Care deeply about people.
  • Humanitarians.
  • Not materialistic.
  • Hate drama.
  • Hate talking about politics.
  • Feel like outsiders sometimes.
  • Eccentric.
  • Innovative.
  • Smart.

Weaknesses of the Aquarius

Here are some of the weaknesses of the Aquarius sign:

  • Emotionally detached.
  • Scattered energy.
  • Their mind never stopping.
  • They have a hard time focusing on reaching their goals.
  • They want to help all people.
  • They pursue people and ideas with no plan.
  • Rigid.
  • Standoffish.
  • Eccentric.
  • Frustrated with life sometimes.
  • Anxious.
  • Detached from what is real.
  • Chaotic.
  • Restless.
  • Vulnerable.
  • Easily manipulated.
  • Noble values.
  • Sense of identity.
  • Adopting to group-think.
  • Follows cults sometimes.
  • Self-centered.
  • Egotistical.


These are people that love family and friends, and they love to have fun. They will talk with people about things for hours and are open-minded. They want to get good advice but don’t always follow it. 

They don’t like to talk about things for too long and they will lose focus on what is going on around them. They are sometimes considered to have ADD because they are a fire sign, they are intense. They get frustrated with water signs.

They have friendships that they don’t negotiate, and they have criteria for the people they hang out with. They sometimes make mistakes, but they don’t throw it in the face of others when they mess up. They like to learn and to evolve.

They are honest, respectful, and independent. They don’t have a hard time hooking up with people that they like and want to have sex with, even friends.


The perfect date for Aquarius’ are to be pleas where they can have a new experience. They will group date and they are casual. They like to travel, play games, go to museums, and try out other new things. They aren’t against casual dating, and they want to be around someone that is going to stimulate their mind. They are giving and empathetic.

They are unpredictable and need their space which makes it challenging. They sometimes ghost people even that they like, and they will come back alter like they didn’t do anything wrong. They discuss their feelings, and they are patient listeners. They don’t want to be around anyone that is clingy or overly emotional.

Relationship Exceptions

This is a sign that wants to be with their best friend. They will be with a partner that is interested in what they think and one that is creative and caring. They go with the flow, but they are impulsive. They want someone around them that supports them, but they won’t change for others.

They will care about marriage, money, and other things but they are independent, and they don’t like to be in routines. They are very spontaneous, and they are sometimes impulsive with their spending. This can be hard for relationships.

They sometimes are detached but still loving and they will be very loyal if you marry them. If you want someone that is overly loving or warm, you won’t get this in the Aquarius. They are sensitive and affectionate, and they are sun sign which makes them passionate.


This sign loves to have sex and they will make it exciting in bed by trying new things. They are sometimes clumsy, but they want to please their partner. They have a hard time remaining focused though and they don’t want to be emotional in bed.

They love to satisfy others and they will put their body and mind into when they have sex. This keeps them more focused. Tell them what you want when you are having sex and they will love that.

Being Compatible with the Aquarius

Here are the most compatible signs with the Aquarius:

  • Aries.
  • Gemini.
  • Libra.
  • Leo.
  • Sagittarius.
  • Aquarius.

This sign works best with signs other than the earth or water. The water sign will be least compatible with them. They will be like a disaster if they get together. Earth signs will make them feel smothered.

Least Compatible Signs

  • Cancer.


This is a soulmate connection that is going to be magnetic and strong. This is a sign that they can work together to share their ideas with each other. They don’t have to worry about being judged and they are able to have strong chemistry in life and in bed. They will be best friends and understand that it is hard to express their feelings. 


This sign will be a happy love match because they can be friends and they can be a couple. They will be healthy and happy together because they can communicate well and be intimate. They are both social and love to talk about new ideas and new things. They will be able to have strong sexual chemistry.


This sign is a similar sign, and they are rational and curious. They love to help others and they don’t hold grudges. They can both be blunt, and they can make a good match because they are usually on the same page.


This can be an attractive relationship because they have inner strength, and they are rebellious and don’t care what other people think of them. The Leo is stronger in their social relationships, but they want to have approval. This can make it hard for them to be together.

They also have strong sexual bonds, and they can be loyal and will want to date their best friend. They are both curious and love to have fun and adventure. They are opposites though where Leo listens to the heart and Aquarius listens to their mind. 


This can be a sexual relationship and they can appreciate the desire and doing new things. They understand being rebellious and they don’t need to have approval.


An Aquarius being with an Aquarius can work out because they have the same needs. The problem is that they can be impersonal and distant with each other. The spark has to be there by inspiration.

Aquarian Parent

They are truthful with their children, and they want their kids to be creative. They can be emotional for their children, and they believe in education and volunteering. They make their kids know that they need them, but they don’t like drama from their children.


This mother is creative and loves to have fun. They are sometimes emotionally detached though but they are open minded and will push their kids to have fun and to be creative.


They love to be random and have fun. They will do things that makes their kids have fun with them such as building forts or playing video games. They sometimes don’t like to get involved and are detached though.


Here are some of the career traits of the Aquarius:

  • Want to change the world.
  • Want to see change in their personal lives.
  • Believe in equality.
  • Sometimes feel like an outsider.
  • Follow causes.
  • Understand human dynamics.
  • Have ideas and concepts.
  • Communicates well.
  • Positive.
  • Charismatic.
  • Inspiring.
  • Love science and medicine.
  • Want to benefit humans.
  • Not motivated by money.
  • Discover new ideas.
  • Want to be part of conversations.
  • Want to have their own schedule.
  • Don’t expect to chat or gossip at work.
  • Extroverted but introverted.
  • Focus on their work.


Aquarius don’t over spend, and they are able to budget. They will save money when they want to buy big items, but they will spend a lot on technology, tools, travel, cars, restaurants, and clothing.

They are a fixed sign, and they like to start their own businesses and they want to succeed but finances isn’t wanted moves them. They love to shop during the holidays because they are very giving.


They have strong intuition, and they can see the emotions and feelings of others. They have strong business ideas and see the future insights.


They are part of the circulatory system, and they sometimes struggle with blood clots, numbness of feet, fractures in the feet and ankles. They have a hard time being calm and this can cause them to be anxious. They need to recharge often, and they don’t do well in routine, so they don’t exercise enough.


They work with the root chakra, and they are able to change and communicate what they need.

Purpose and Mantras

The purpose is to work through new ideas and to help others. They believe in love and peace, and they have a passion to make the world a better place. They have values and they love to say things like, “I will listen and validate others.”

Other FAQ’s About Aquarius

Here are some other things about Aquarius’:

  • Want new things for dinner. 
  • Love porkchops.
  • Love smoky and savory dishes.
  • Want to experiment with their clothing ideas.
  • Drawn to shades of blue, yellow, lilac, white and neutral.
  • Are lucky in timing.
  • Shy sometimes.
  • Powerful and unique.
  • Love to travel new places.
  • Want to try out new technological gadgets.
  • Have a private moon sign.
  • Have emotional energies.
  • Feel like an outsider.
  • Appreciate seeing things from different perspectives.
  • Invisible to issues.
  • Outgoing but like to spend time alone.
  • The rising sign is that they are eccentric and individual.
  • Objective and calm.
  • Fair.
  • Have free flowing ideas.
  • Venus is in the astrological chart.
  • Can relate romantically.
  • Logical.
  • Fair.
  • Don’t like drama or strong emotions.
  • Have emotional security.
  • Platonic love.
  • Have close friendships.
  • Rebellious.
  • Don’t want to be judged.

Final Thoughts

If you have any of these traits, chances are that you are an Aquarius. Talk to a psychic or an astrologer to learn more about who you are.