You and Your Midheaven Sign

Your Midheaven Sign

Your midheaven sign is also known as your Medium Coeli and is part of your natal chart. This sign shows you what kind of success you will have in your career and what your public image is.

If you follow astrology and you know your sun and rising sign you can go even deeper. You can get deeper in your chart and find out what your midheaven sign is. This is different than other parts of your chart because this is not represented as a planet. This is part of your chart, the highest part, that shows the high point above the horizon when you were born. This is your birth time. This is found in the 10th house of the Social Status of your natal chart.

The midheaven sign is sometimes confused with your rising sign because they show what your personality is but they are different. Your rising shine shows you who you are to the world and how people see you but your midheaven sign shows what your public life, reputation and your career journey are. You can find your midheaven sign if you know your time of birth, and the date of your birth and the place of your birth.

When you know this sign, you can understand more about what your social and professional life holds for you. You can check your birth chart and find out what your midheaven sign says for you.

Aries Midheaven

The Aries will be a passionate sign and this means that they are confident. They are going to make a way for what they want in their career. People with this midheaven sign will love to own their own business or be their own boss. They do great at projects, but they are often stubborn. They can cause the business to be at risk because they act impulsively. They need to meditate and make sure they are being healthy.

Taurus Midheaven

This sign will show you love and abundance. They love fine things in life and will work hard to get them. They want to be grounded but they are sometimes lazy. They are successful though and will reach their goals even if it takes them longer than normal. They also believe big on stability.

Gemini Midheaven

This sign is one that is overly charismatic. They are a sign that is charming and will use this to get them ahead in life. They also are witty and they are able to communicate well. They like to change careers often and will try different jobs. They make bad gossips, but they are great at influencing others.

Cancer Midheaven

This sign is one that can be compassionate and a great boss. They are ruled by the moon and they are able to take their feelings from home and not put them in their work. They are creative and they will often be artistic professionals. They tend to take criticism personally but need to grow from it.

Leo Midheaven

The Leo is ruled by the sun and they are people that love praise. They want to be ambitious and they sometimes take too much time on small opportunities instead of reaching their goals. They need to think before they speak or they can end up in drama.

Virgo Midheaven

The Virgo is known for detail, and they pay attention to reach perfection. They work hard and they are overly critical of other people. They will be kind if it helps others though.

Libra Midheaven

The Libra is a sign that avoids public criticism. They will be balanced and fair but they want to keep peace. They are often people pleasers, and they will do things to reach success. They are great at communicating and law. They don’t show fear when they need to work hard.

Scorpio Midheaven

This sign is very interesting, and they are great at being a journalist. They love to investigate things and they will not be afraid of life. They are sometimes interested in hard topics and they want to use their bravery. They are obsessive though and they manipulate people easily.

Sagittarius Midheaven

The Sag is a wild sign, and they love to do a 9-5 job. They are people that like to make money and they also like to travel. They are very confident, and they make good social connections. They can be harsh sometimes and egotistical so they can be hard to work with.

Capricorn Midheaven

This sign is very motivated and they work hard to reach their success. They know they won’t be successful overnight but they work like they will be. Sometimes they leave out their family and friends because they are too busy working. They want to be secure, and they forget to nurture their relationships.

Aquarius Midheaven

People of this sign will get frustrated quickly with their careers. They need to find something interesting to work in and they are great at collaboration. They sometimes feel alone and need other people around them.

Pisces Midheaven

This is a sign that has a hard time separating their personal and professional lives. They are emotional and very creative. Sometimes they are psychic and so they are always creating things in their mind. They are prone to being distracted though and have to work hard to stay concentrating.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your midheaven sign is, everyone deserves to get what they need and to reach their goals. Make sure that you are doing what you love and that you are working hard to reach your dreams.