What Do the Planets Mean?


The stars can give you information about things in your life. This is why people often turn to horoscopes to find out what they should do. When the planets are in retrograde, it can help you to understand the changes that you need to make and what you need to do. The zodiac signs work with the planets to help you understand your life.

When you understand your birth chart, you can look at how the planets were lined up with your chart and it can give you information about your personality, your desires and more. Here is how some of that works in your life.

Astrology and Stars

People have been looking at stars since the beginning of times. They have seen that stars are powerful and that there are different patterns that have to work together with the stars. There are constellations that are celestial bodies that have planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. These are the planets that are considered the classical planets.

The zodiac is split into 12 different sections, and this is where the constellations fit. The zodiac calendar can track predictions and movements of the planets and events. The Romans used the zodiac to help them understand things that were going on around them and this is probably where astrology was formed.

Astrology is part of science, magic, medicine, and philosophy. Some believe that the universe reflects how humans behave and the things that go on with them. The different planets have their own energies, and they can predict if you are compatible with others and when you should do certain things like harvest.

Planets and Symbols

The parents have their own symbols, and they can look at your birth chart and they can give you information. You can find out just where the planets were when you were born, and this can give you information about who you are and what you desire.

  • Sun

When someone asks you what your sign is, they ask you where the sun was when you were born. The sun works with Leo, and it shows someone that is brave. It takes a month for this to move to a different zodiac sign.

  • Moon

The moon has a pull that allows it to work with the tides of the ocean. Astrology shows that the moon represents the emotions that someone has. The sun shows the outer parts of you, but the moon shows the things inside of you.

It works with Cancer, and it shows security, comfort, and love. It is a sensitive sign that takes about 2.5 days to go into a new zodiac sign.

  • Mercury

This is the smallest planet in the solar system and was named after the Roman deity who was a messenger to the gods. It works with communication, emotions, and logic. Mercury will reflect what you are feeling and will help you to analyze your ideas.

It works with Gemin and Virgo and it will be one that takes 13 to 14 days to go into a different zodiac. When it goes into retrograde, this can happen 3 or 4 times each year.

  • Venus

This planet is named after the Roman goddess, and it shows beauty and love. This is a planet that is interesting in culture and art and is a romantic sign. It works with Taurus and Libra and represents a sensual side of you.

This takes 4 or 5 weeks to go into a different zodiac sign. It can last up to 18 months in retrograde and this is a time to make changes in your life such as plastic surgery and tattoos.

  • Mars

Mars is the Red Planet, and it is a compassionate and aggressive planet. It shows determination and it is a planet that will cause you to have a boost of energy. You need to move on this planet and find your passion.

This planet works with Aries and is an impulsive planet that takes 6 to 7 weeks to go into a different zodiac and will go into retrograde every 2 years. During retrograde you might not be able to stand up for yourself.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet and is known to be lucky. It symbolizes future and abundance and it works to expand your life. You can have a strong spiritual self with this planet. It works with Sagittarius and is an adventure planet. It takes 12 to 13 months to go into a different zodiac and it can be in retrograde for 120 days.

  • Saturn

Saturn is the ringed planet, and it is one that regulates time. This symbolizes being professional and working hard. It can be an unemotional planet and it can be hard on you, and you might have to face challenges.

This planet does have your best interests in mind, and it is ruled by Capricorn and takes bout 2.5 years to go into each sign. It can go into retrograde for 140 days. During retrograde then you need to be careful and restrict yourself from starting new projects.

  • Uranus

This is a planet that was discovered by the telescope. It is named after a Greek god, and it orbits the sun on its side.

It symbolizes rebellion and hates rules. It wants to see can and can bring love. It governs Aquarius and is known for its energy and eccentricity. It takes 7 years to reach each sign and will go into retrograde for 150 days. During retrograde, leave things from the past.

  • Neptune

Neptune is a colorful planet that works with the stars. It is named after the Roman god of the sea and is one that governs magic. It has the power to show you the difference between reality and fantasy and is a creative planet.

The planet works with Pisces and is a planet that takes 14 years to go into the signs. It can go into retrograde 150 days. During retrograde you need to let your secrets get out, so you don’t fall back into the same situations.

  • Pluto

Pluto is a planet that is a big deal even though it is a small planet. Pluto is powerful and dark, and it is a quiet planet. It shows you that you can make changes happen, but you have to let go of the past. This works with Scorpio and is a planet that takes 14 to 30 years to go into each sign. It can go into retrograde 185 days. When this is in retrograde, you need to let go of things in the past that have hurt you.

Planets and Birth Chart

As you learn about the planets and how it relates to your birth chart you will see that it can affect who you are. This refers to your time of birth and it is an individual that works with these things to know their personality and their experiences.

The planets are there, and they change signs at different times, and they have different themes. The planets is occupied by the houses and there are 12 different sections in the houses. The houses 1-6 are everyday things in your life and personal matters such as finances, routines and more. 7-12 houses relate to concepts in philosophy and psychic gifts. The way that the planets are in the house will show your energies and your strengths and weaknesses.

Look at your own chart and see if the signs and the planets are in the houses that you are able to understand. Look at the zodiac signs and find out how it impacts your life. The way that you interpret your birth chart should be planet + sign + house = interpretation.

Look at your natal moon and find out what house it is in. This can have to do with your relationships and your emotions. It can be connected to how you feel and if you are happy. You can find your motivation and find out practical ways to live.

The different planets in the houses will find out your rising sign. This is also called the ascendant sign. The zodiac signs will tell the exact time of your birth. The rising sign shows your birth chart and what planets govern you. The rising sign shows you the experiences that you have. This shows you how your speech is heard from others.

If you have a goal to be an astrology or you just want to understand yourself more, you can use the stars and your charts to understand things in your life. This is how the planets were used to help others. At the start of astrology, you can see how the universe and they mysteries work together. Look at the stars and be curious about them.