Understanding the Rising Sign

Rising Sign and the Zodiac

Most people know their sun signs or other signs but what do you know about your rising sign? Your rising sign shows how the planets affect your life. The rising sign is different than your sun sign which is where the sun is located as soon as you were born. The planets will move around the earth and the sky was divided by ancient people into 12 sections that have constellations. These are different sections that are called signs. There is a circle of these signs called the zodiac. This is something that is known from ancient Greek as a word that means belt.

You can think of a belt that is moving around the globe and this is where the ancient civilization would imagine this zodiac to be. They noticed that the stars would stay in the same spot, and it would look like they were moving on a belt and that is where it came from. The sun, moon and stars move around this belt, and this is where the word planet came from which means wanderers in Greek.

As the sun goes around or wanders around the belt, it goes in a certain rhythm. The moon will stay on the same path each month and it was once thought to be what moved but was later discovered that it was the earth that was actually moving. As the full moon comes in the night sky, the stars will rise, and this was a way that the rising sign could be marked in an equal way. When they marked these down, they noticed that the sign would rise in the east when someone was born, and it caused these people to have the same kinds of characteristics that would work with their sun sign. This is why this is called the rising sign and isn’t the same as the sun sign.

Sun Sign Versus the Rising Sign

The sun is known to rule the energy of the ego. When the sun is in a certain zodiac, it will show how you look at life and how you face things like goodness and the challenges that comes with it. The zodiac sign that moves in the east is one that will determine more about your personality. This is what happens to you and what you show the world even when you don’t mean to. This is the face that you show when you go somewhere, and this is how you carry yourself. The things that you want and need in your life are ruled by the sun sign and not the rising sign.

You can find your rising sign by looking at the time of your birth. If you were born before or after then your sun sign will most likely be the same as your rising sign but if you were born before or after the sunset, your rising sign might be opposite of your sun sign.

Finding Your Rising Sign

You can look at your date, time, and place of birth on your birth certificate to find your rising sign. You can calculate this in y our astrological chart. If you have had your astrological chart done by an astrologer, you will know that your rising sign works in the first house where it was at nine o’clock. Once you know your rising sign you can find out what personality and characteristics you have in the view of others.

What is the Rising Sign and the Zodiac?

Here are how the rising signs and the zodiac go together.

  • Aries Rising Sign

When you have this sign, you will be someone that is blunt, and you will defend the position that you take. People will see that you move on fast, or you abandon things easily without worrying about it and it can cause others to feel frustrated.

  • Taurus Rising Sign

With this rising sign, you will be close to nature, and you will be someone that can talk themselves out of something that is getting them in trouble. You aren’t always accountable, and you will finish things before you move on.

  • Cancer Rising Sign

You are seeking security, and you are vulnerable. You won’t show this vulnerability to others, and you will use it to make you seem stronger and people will believe that you are. When someone pressures you into telling them things you will get silent with them until they make you comfortable. You get overly sentimental.

  • Leo Rising Sign

You love fine things in life, and you are known as a leader. You will look like a snob, and you act dramatically and theatrical.

  • Virgo Rising Sign

You like to do things so that you can impress others. You juggle things in your life, and you are very detailed. You want to be conventional, and you are someone that doesn’t judge others until you know them.

  • Libra Rising Sign

You want to understand behavior and the people that you are around. You will be funny and confronting at the same time, but you will never break up the party. You like to limit your life.

  • Scorpio Rising Sign

You are someone that stays silent more than talking. You have a need for people to take you seriously even if they misunderstand you at first.

  • Sagittarius Rising Sign

You want to be adventurous, and you are someone that wants to try new things. You will stay somewhere for a second plate if you’re asked, and you are passionate to what you believe in. You are a great leader.

  • Capricorn Rising Sign

This sign is one that shows that you should feel at place when you are in an exciting environment. You feel safe as long as you are able to get information first.

  • Aquarius Rising Sign

You have feelings about others in a positive way as long as they are doing the right thing. You are often critical though and you can cause harsh arguments while you are talking to people. If you learn to be kind you can make friends.

  • Pisces Rising Sign

You will have a visual idea of things more than not. You want to visualize more than talk about things and you are someone that will find pleasure in anything you do. You are great at self-discipline.