Psychic Signs Someone Thinks of You

Psychic Signs Someone Thinks of You

It is very possible to know someone is thinking of you by psychic signs.  Have you ever been by yourself or working and you feel that you need to check on someone?  Or, are they strongly on your mind?

Sometimes when we have these moments, we don’t understand them, but the truth is that someone might be thinking about you.  You may not even have talked to them for a long time, but they come back to your mind strongly.

You have probably had these instances when you meet someone or are thinking about them, but they might be thinking about you at the same time.

Our abilities to feel this is called clairsentience and it allows us to feel emotions of other people.  This happens telepathically without us using our different senses.  This can happen when someone is miles away.

You need to know that we can come in touch with different people and we can be on their mind and understand their energies when they are far away.

  • Emotions

When you are hanging out with your friends and laughing or dancing then you might feel sad all of a sudden, these are intuition.  This means you can be on someone’s mind.  This can be different for each person.

  • Discomfort

If you are eating and you start coughing or feeling like you are not swallowing well, this is because something is in your subconscious mind and this can build up tension.

  • Feather

If you have lost someone you love, a white feather might come around you where you aren’t around anything that would cause it.

  • Cheeks Burn

This is one of the biggest psychic signs when someone thinks about you.  If your cheeks are burning and you don’t have a fever, this means someone might be talking about you like they are slapping you from afar.

  • Sneezing

A sneeze out of nowhere can mean someone is thinking of you and missing you.

  • Ears Burn

When your ears burn, this can mean someone has a crush on you.

  • Hiccups

If you have hiccups, this can mean that someone is bringing you into drama.



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