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Being Loved on Your Sign

Everyone has their own love language and if you know anything about astrology, you know it can help you to figure out who you are supposed to be with and who you should avoid in your life.

Here are some love connections and zodiac signs:


The Aries is the Mars sign and it is a motivating sign that is very passionate. If you are with this sign, make sure that you are living up to the energies that they have. Do things such as be spontaneous and adventurous and do things that make them feel special.

One thing that can turn on an Aries is someone that is competitive. They love challenge and this can even carry to the bedroom. An Aries will feel loved if they are praised for the good things they do and if they are complimented. They like to be the center of the attention and want to shine.


The Taurus is an earth sign, and this is someone that is logical and flirty. They want romance and this energy comes from the Venus planet.

When a Taurus goes out of their way to do something little for you, this is a big thing for them. This is a very sensual sign and they are full of senses and emotions. If you want to be romantic, go slow and enjoy lazy mornings, physical connection and fancy dinners.


The Gemini is someone that wants to get your attention when it comes to love. They will change their schedule so that they can be with you and they do not care to go fast in life. These people are harder to teach new things to and want to be adored.

If you want to surprise them with romance to get closer to them, have fun on your date and be adventurous.


When you are a Cancer, you are either in the relationship or you aren’t. You need to find someone that can make you feel secure and someone that you can trust and be open with.

It is important that you let this person get close to you and that you show them that you care. Your partner will not always match the emotions that you have but this sign is the most emotional sign meaning that they love romance and they love to be able to communicate with each other and be close to you.


A Leo loves attention and they want to be the center of your world. Kiss them goodbye and make sure that you are loyal and treat them like a king or queen. Show off your love to them in and out of the bedroom.

Be generous in your love and give all the love that out can. Surprise them with gifts and take time to be alone together. Be fun, playful and sweet.


A Virgo will want you to work hard because they want to put other people feelings above their own. They want to see that you are taking actions more than just saying things. Do things that show you love the Virgo such as writing poems or love letters.

The Virgo will let you tell them when they do something wrong and they will nitpick you here and there. You will be able to work together with them and have a great relationship. The Virgo is a perfectionist and they want to be with someone that is happy to be with them.


The Libra is someone that wants to spend a lot of time with you and wants to talk a lot. They want you to feel loved and to feel love back. They are encouraging and they want you to be independent and gentle. The Libra will take your achievements and will recognize them and show you how special you are.

You will feel good when the Libra takes you out and they will boost your confidence and complement you and be fast to show you off to the people around them.


A Scorpio is a person that is not very open. They need to be with someone that is patient and emotionally committed without rushing them. They have to feel loved and they want their love to be passionate and strong.

The Scorpio has complex traits and they will not like you if you are fake or superficial. A Scorpio feels the most love when they have physical contact and strong intimacy. They want to have fun in bed and talk about taboo things. They like to keep the bedroom passionate. If you are with the Scorpio, you will see your intimacy as strong.


A Sagittarius needs to have freedom and if they are in a strong relationship it can scare them sometimes. They like adventure and they want to be with someone that has fast paced adventures. This is a lucky sign and they will be there to support you, no matter what your dreams are.

If things have to be your way, your partner needs to be able to guide you or they will not be happy. They have a lot of energy to give and they will show they care you by looking past things that you do wrong. They will always give you love and support.


The Capricorn is hard to get to know and they sometimes seem cold and distant. It takes a while for you to get to know them but as soon as they let you in, they will flirt with you and will warm up to you. They want to be serious even right from the start, but they will not invest in the relationship if it does not last or have value in it.

When you show a Capricorn that you really love them, they will help you to be more confident, they will be great lovers and they will form a foundation where you will have a reliable partner. They will invest their time in you and give you all of their energy.


The Aquarius does not do great in relationships and they tend to intimidate others. They are eccentric and they want someone to love them right away when they see them. You can be best friends with an Aquarius, but you might not be able to move to the next level for a long time.

The Aquarius is hard to get close to, but they will accept you for being odd. They have strange tastes and different ideas, but they will not judge you. They have strong emotions and will confess their love for you. They want to have deep conversations and respect you.


The Pisces can change moods fast. They can be happy one minute and romantic and then they can be stressed or aggravated. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, but they are very romantic and affectionate.

They want to have an open heart and they have compassion to offer you that is charming and flirty. They want to take care of your feelings and if they really love you, they can accommodate your emotions. They want you to be free to do your own thing but will always be there for you.

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