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Zodiac Sign’s Personality Traits

Humans have spent millennia pondering the mysteries of the universe. This involved tracking the sun, following the moon’s cycle, and observing the stars. Both astrology an astronomy were well linked for many years, though they are considered separate today. However, the mystical cosmos can still guide us today as we learn more.

Though astrology is complex and expansive, the fundamental principle centers on the signs of the zodiac. Over time, the signs have developed associations and characteristics. Each sign can boast a unique life approach with strengths and weaknesses. While no single sign is perfect, the diversity completes the zodiac wheel.

The sun sign is considered a launching pad for astrologers. This is determined by the date of birth which is representative of a core personality and the ways you go through life. This placement sheds light on intrinsic gifts and areas that need work. Each is unique and when combined with the other planets, creates a distinctive profile.

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There are four triplicities and quadruplicities within the twelve signs. Triplicities include fire, earth, air, and water signs. Overall, fire signs are exuberant and full of passion, earth signs are grounded, yet practical, water signs tend toward emotion and intuition, and air signs are curious and intellectual.

Quadruplicities are sign qualities. The cardinal signs kick off the new seasons so they are good at action taking and initiatives. Fixed signs come in the middle of seasons and tend to be consistent forces. Each season concludes with a sign that is fluid and changes easily. As each is uncovered, we can begin to know our deepest selves. Remember that growth begins with self-awareness, so take it all in and think about it.

Aries– This sign loves to be number one as they are the first zodiac sign. Aries are ambitious and bold, diving headfirst into challenges.

Taurus – This earth sign, represented by the bull, enjoys relaxing in serene environments with soothing sounds, smells, and flavors.

Gemini – If you have ever been so busy in life that a clone sounds great, you have felt like the Gemini. Symbolized by celestial twins, this air sign has so much going, it doubled.

Cancer – This cardinal water sign is represented by the crab because it can easily weave between sea and shore. This is equated to the ability to exist on the material and emotional realms. This sign is highly intuitive and can usually pick up energies in any room.

Leo – Leo is represented by the king of the jungle for a reason. Roll out the red carpet for this fire sign that enjoys royal status. Leos tend to be theatrical and passionate as they celebrate themselves soaking in the spotlight.

Virgo – Virgo is most often represented by the goddess of agriculture and wheat due to a deep-rooted presence in the world. This sign tends to be practical, logical, and highly systematic to their approach to things. A real perfectionist at heart, diligent and consistent practice are a way of life for Virgo.

Libra – This air signs is represented by scales that reflect a fixation on harmony and balance in life. Libra’s are obsessed by symmetry and want equilibrium in all life areas.

Scorpio – A highly misunderstood sign, Scorpio has passion and power. This water sign takes power from the emotional and psychic realm.

Sagittarius – Always on a quest for deeper knowledge, the archer is the last fire sign. Sagittarians launch into multiple adventures throughout life.

Capricorn – This final earth sign is represented by a mythical sea goat. Capricorns are highly skilled when it comes to navigation of emotional and material realms.

Aquarius – Aquarius is the final air sign and represented by the water bearer. This mystical healer brings water and life to the land making it the most humanitarian of the signs.

Pisces – This last sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This shows the nature of the Pisces to be pulled between reality and fantasy. Being the final sign, Pisces absorb every lesson that has been learned by other signs.

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