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Zodiac Signs and Love

Being single is hard and often times, single people think about meeting the perfect person that will bring them a family and a future. Sometimes when you are single though, you see people all around you that seem so happy and that have the perfect love life. You see this with your family, friends and even through strangers on the subway.

It seems that when you want to live the single life, that deep inside you keep thinking and wishing what it would be like to have someone to fall in love with. People always tell you that you will know when you meet the person that is perfect for you, but chances are, you wonder if that is ever going to really happy.

You might go on a date and realize that you have butterflies but then they do not call you back, or you look for people that are not emotionally available to you. One thing you can do in this situation is to look at your zodiac sign.

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot of things about who you are and who you are compatible with. When you think about dating, you should look to see if your zodiac is compatible and who you should stay away from.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Being an Aquarius means that you should probably be looking for a Sagittarius because these signs are both a great fit. They hate to be in places that are boring, and you will have a lot of things common if you are these two signs.

An Aquarius is not about vacationing and traveling but a Sagittarius might talk them into visiting places and being spontaneous. Since neither signs want to be bored, this is a good match.

Aquarius and Taurus

An Aquarius would never fit well with a Taurus because both signs are very stubborn. This means that when you guys are together, there would be no winners. If you are either of these signs, you will not ever want to be wrong nor will you want someone that tells you that you are.

If you met a Taurus and they acted just like you, chances are you would never get along and you would be instantly annoyed with each other.

Pisces and Virgos

These two sings would go together great because both signs are very sensitive and loving. They want to have their strong emotions and they care about the feelings of others.

Virgos are often known for being shy while Pisces are very in touch with what they are feeling. These signs would love to talk about what they are feeling with each other.

Pisces are often said to be overly sensitive and that they need to be more in control of their emotions, but a Virgo will want to hear everything that you have to say and will relate to your feelings.

Pisces and Scorpios

The Pisces and the Scorpio will never fit well together because while a Pisces is sensitive and emotional, a Scorpio is confident and wants to be in charge of everything.

A Scorpio would most likely tell a Pisces that they need to calm down and a Pisces loves to share their emotions and consider the feelings of others.

These two signs dating can cause fights to happen really fast and one sign will probably leave being upset after a disastrous date.

Aries and Libras

Aries signs should date a Libra because they are both very organized and like to do what they plan on doing. Sometimes, people say these signs are grumpy, but the truth is, they are very positive and social.

These signs love to go out and have fun and they can turn a bad mood into a good mood fast.

Aries and Taurus

The Aries and Taurus probably would not fit very well together because they are too much the same. They both get mad easily and stay in bad moods and they are both too stubborn to admit it.

If you are passionate, it would be hard to date someone who is moody and stubborn and you cannot date someone that is going to be as moody as you are or both of you might be mad all the time.

You might realize fast that you need someone that is more balancing with your personality.

Taurus and Virgos

The Taurus and Virgo would look like they have nothing in common, but the truth is, this sign would go great together. While the Taurus is social and logical, the Virgo is shy and quiet.

Both of these signs love to be committed to their person and they are stable and trustworthy. This is a set of signs that can fall madly in love.

Taurus and Leos

The Taurus is very stubborn but so are the Leos and so it is hard to come to a middle ground. The romantic situation for these signs is a no because Leo’s wanting to see people change and they want things to be exciting, while the Taurus does not like changes.

Even though changes are part of life, the Taurus does not handle change well and so if you are dating someone that is always changing, this might not be a good sign for you.

Gemini and Leo’s

The Geminis and Leos would make a perfect couple because both of these signs are confident and fun to be around. They love to learn more about their partner and other people.

A Gemini is always interested in knowing someone new and they will ask question after question. They will be excited to know more about you and they take their dating seriously.

If you are a Leo, you love when someone makes a big deal out of you and so this could be the perfect date for you.

Gemini and Virgos

The Gemini is not a sign that is very organized, and they do not like things boring. Virgos love to be scheduled and organized and they like things that are calm. These are signs that might be boring to each other.

If you dated someone and they always wanted things organized and scheduled and you wanted to be spontaneous, would that work out well for you? Chances are you would become bored and you would want to follow your own free spirit.

Cancer and Pisces

The Cancer and the Pisces are two signs that could be perfect because both of these signs love to stay home and relax. They love to watch movies on the couch, and they want to experience falling in love.

This can be a perfect match because the Pisces is very romantic, and the Cancer loves to cuddle and be close.

Cancer and Geminis

The Cancer and the Gemini probably need to stay away from each other because they have completely different lives.

The Cancer wants to stay home, and cuddle and the Gemini wants to go out because they get bored very fast.

Leo and Aquarius

If you are a Leo and you are dating an Aquarius, this can be a good sign. The Leo is very outgoing and loves to be a leader. They like to make decisions and have fun doing it.

The Aquarius is quiet, but they can be the life of the party. They sometimes want to be quiet and this can help to balance the attention seeking Leo.

Leo and Pisces

The Leo and the Pisces should not try to date because they would not be able to handle each other’s personality. The Leo has a huge personality and they want to have all of the attention while the Pisces is very sensitive and emotional.

They would likely have very little in common and probably would not even be able to get along.

Virgo and Aries

The Virgo and Aries are opposites and since the Virgo is shy and they enjoy staying at home or reading, this can work well with the Aries who is very passionate and loving. The two signs would even each other out while the Aries is moody, the Virgo is gentle, and they would love staying home and spending the evening together full of passion and love.

Virgo and Leos

Virgos and Leos would not make good partners. The Virgos are quiet and often times shy where the Leo wants to be the center of attention, wherever they go. The Virgo is logical and would have a hard time dealing with the personality of the Leo.

Opposites are known to attract but this might be too opposite to work. If you do not do well with outgoing people, you should stay away form this sign and find a better match.

Libra and Pisces

The Libra will have a strong connection with a Pisces because both signs are very sensitive. They are also both very social and so they would love to get to know one another.

Even though the Pisces might be more emotional, that will help the Libra to feel more connected and to know what is going on in his or her partners life.

Libra and Taurus

The Taurus is a sign that is very stubborn, and they do not like to give in to others. This can be hard for a Libra who wants to help others and to have peace in their life.

If you are very sociable, you will want to be around other people and the Taurus will not enjoy this because they do not like to compromise in their life. They think that they are always right and since the Libra is gentle, it will be frustrating to deal with this personality.

Scorpio and Leo

The Scorpio and Leo will have fun together since both signs are very outgoing.

The Leo is a perfect match for the Scorpio because they will be confident and outgoing, and they are also fun and loving. They would give you luck in your love and make you feel that you are with someone that knows your every move and feelings.

Scorpio and Virgos

Scorpios are outgoing people and they love adventure. The Virgo is quiet and a homebody.

When you want to date someone that you can have fun with, you have to consider what they like to do and what their personality is. If you want new experiences and your partner just wants to sit at home and watch television, chances are the relationship will not work out well for you.

Sagittarius and Libras

The Sagittarius and the Libra go hand in hand. One likes to travel more where the other wants to chill and hang out. These signs would get along well because they both love to have peace and are gentle and kind. Even though one might desire to travel more, they can compromise and come up with an awesome date.

Sagittarius and Cancers

These signs are opposite signs, but they will not attract.  The Sagittarius wants to be free and loves to travel and have fun while the Cancer likes to stay home. This would be a very boring connection for the two.

You might find that you would get along with this sign for a short while but then you would become very bored because you are both so different.

Capricorn and Cancers

The Capricorn and Cancers would work out well together because both signs love to stay home and relax. They like to be at home and hang out with family and friends.

These signs love tradition and they love to spend time together on the weekends and just hang out and talk.

Capricorn and Libras

The Capricorn seems to know everything, at least they want you to think that, while the Libra is outgoing and friendly.

These signs might have a hard time making it because the Libra would not understand why the Capricorn is upset and frustrated and why they are acting like they know everything.

Everyone has their own opinions and it is their right to, but it would be too much of a personality difference for a Libra to date a Capricorn.

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