Zodiac and the Biggest Fears

Zodiac and the Biggest Fears

Having fears is something normal but did you know that just based on your zodiac, there can be fears that are normal for you?  Find out what your sign says about what you are afraid of:


The Aries is a person that will challenge you and they fear being wrong or being told that they have messed up. They want to be perfect, and they want to make sure that they have everything together. They are full of confidence but even though people know things and are confident, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be perfect and right all the time.


Taurus are people that are great at handling their finances. This sign is afraid of not being able to deal with their finances. When they have a problem with something expensive like a car repair or a home repair, it can cause them to have fear. They are also fearful that they might not reach their goals in life.

They want to have big dreams and they want to take risks, but they are often afraid of not being successful. If this sign trusts their instincts, then they will have less fears.


One of the worse things for this sign is someone that is put into a routine. They hate feeling stuck and this makes them fearful. They want to move, and they want to learn new things and evolve constantly. If they are stuck and they aren’t able to grow, this makes them fearful.

Gemini feel that they are doing something wrong if they aren’t moving forward but they don’t always need to be doing this quickly. Sometimes they need to take time to reflect, and this allows them to have more growth and more courage.


Cancers are people that love to socialize, and they love to be with other people. They want to always be around family and friends, and they are afraid that if they don’t have these people then they will be alone. They are afraid of loneliness and so they reach out for marriage, and they reach out for strong connections.

If a Cancer isn’t able to have good relationships, then they will feel that they have something wrong with them. They can get over their fear if they learn to not avoid falling in love and if they go out and form new relationships.


Leos love to be known and to be seen. They want people to praise them. If Leo isn’t getting attention, then they will get upset. The biggest fear that they have is that someone won’t notice them and that someone doesn’t value them.

Leo needs to realize that they don’t always have to have others praising them to mean that they are important.


Virgos are people that want to be perfect. They want to have the best jobs, the best friends, and the best life. If they fail at something, this can make them feel rejected. This sign is afraid of not being needed and so they will spend much of their time serving others.

They have low self-esteem, and this is why they choose to do acts of service. They are often ancient, but this is unhealthy. The Virgo can see that they can do anything if they focus on their inner self.


Libra is a sign that is easy to get along with and they are able to balance their life. If they get out of order in their life though, they become afraid of things around them. They hate to have to have things hard and so they need balance, or this brings on fear.

If they go in one direction too far, such as learning not enough or learning too much, this can cause them to be unbalanced and this can cause them to lose their peace.


Scorpio is a sign that shows who they are to others around them. They are fearful of being exposed to what is inside of them because they have a strong shadow self. This is considered one of the darkest signs because they have strong emotions, and they hate sharing their feelings with others.

Even though they have strong feelings and emotions, they are fearful of people thinking that this makes them weird or strange. This sign can grow if they learn that other people have emotions too.


Sagittarius is a sign that hates to be controlled. They like to do their own thing and they like to follow their own rules. They don’t like to be around people that stand up against them and they get fearful that they will lose their freedom.

This sign hates to be stuck in places and they love to travel and need to learn to appreciate what is in front of them.


Capricorns are signs that fear the idea of not succeeding in life. They get upset if they don’t get what they want such as a promotion at work or an award in school. They want to achieve things and be successful and if they aren’t, they are afraid of where they might end up. They would do best if they stopped thinking that they are only worth what achievements they make.


This sign is one that fears being part of the crowd. They want to stand out in what and where they are, and they get scared that they will be just like everyone else around them. They know that they are different, and they don’t have to work to be different. They are best when they are expressing what they want.


Pisces is a sign that is idealistic. They are someone that gets afraid of reality sometimes. When life gets hard, it is hard for them to express their creativity, and this can cause them to feel unloved. This brings fear to them that they will be alone.

Pisces are creative and they will spend much of their time avoiding people that don’t like them or those that are negative in their life.  They will do what they can to bring peace to their life.


  1. This article sheds light on some common fears. Whether or not astrology is the reason, it’s always good to be aware.

  2. As a Leo, I do like attention, but it’s a good reminder that self-worth shouldn’t rely on others’ praise.


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