Your Life Path Number and the Perfect Job

Life Path Number

Numerology can help you to find your destiny in life. This kind of study looks at how numbers work with your life and the events that happen o you. This is an ancient belief and even though it isn’t scientific, many people believe in it.

Numerology has had many different branches and ideas in many cultures, eras and places. The most popular place that numerology is now is in the modern or western world. It all seemed to start with Pythagoras who was a Greek mathematician. Kabbalah, Chinese and Western numerology are all important to different people.

People that believe in numerology believe that all numbers hold a certain vibrational frequency. This is how they influence things around them. Numbers that are larger can be added together to make a single digit, sometimes a double digit and each has its own meaning. You can look at your name and your date of birth to find out what kind of personality you have based on your own numerology. This can also tell you what your destiny holds.

Numerology doesn’t require you to do anything but the more you learn about it the more you can learn more about yourself.

Life Path Number

Your Life Path number or your destiny number is a number that tells you what is going to happen in your life. You can even find out your relationship or Heart’s Desire number to find out what kind of relationship or job you should have. You will be drawn to certain numbers over your lifetime, and this is probably going to be your Life Path Number.

You can figure out your Life Path Number by taking your date of birth and adding them together to get a single digit.

Finding Your Life Path Number

You can reduce your date of birth to a single digit unless it is an 11, 22 or 33 which are Master Numbers. When you do this, you can get your Life Path Number. For example, if you are born February 3, 2005, then you would take 2 for the month, 3 for your date and 2002 (added together to make 22). Then you would add 2+3+22 and it would be 27 and then you would add 2+7 and it would be 9.

You can reduce any number unless you get an 11, 22 or 33 and then you should not reduce them because they have more power and can make you more successful.

What Does Your Life Number Mean?

Here are what the numbers mean:

Number 1

Once you get your Life Path Number then you probably want to know what it means. Are you a business person that is good at leadership? Maybe you are a life coach or someone that wants to develop properties. You have the Life Path Number 1.

Number 2

This number can be someone that is wise and knows how to trust their intuition. You like to be around people that bring you peace and you make people want to be around you. You might be a counselor or a healer.

Number 3

People with this number are often creative and fun to be around. You are probably confident in what you do, and you do it well. You might have a job as a hospitality person or a sales person.

Number 4

This number is a practical number, and it means that you are dependable, and people can rely on you. You are responsible and you work hard to reach the goals that you set. No matter what happens, you never give up and you keep pushing. You might be an engineer or a scientist.

Number 5

You are probably someone that is able to make things work even if you don’t have tools or you are full of adventure. You might have different talents and you love to be free to do what you like. You would be great at journalism, counseling or even sales.

Number 6

This number is normally a compassionate person that is smart and helpful. This is someone that loves to help others and you might work as a teacher, counselor or in some kind of hospitality.

Number 7

The number 7 is a number that is smart, intuitive and is great at solving problems. You are someone that loves to hear the truth and when there is a problem you figure it out. You are innovative and probably good at communication, journalism or technology.

Number 8

This kind of person is strong, and they are proud at what they accomplish. They are great leaders, and they are good at setting goals. This kind of person would be good at finances or banking or some kind of management.

Number 9

This number is one that is helpful and kind. This is a person that cares for others and one that works well in things like counseling, social jobs, law or other jobs where the world can be a better place.

What Are Master Numbers?

Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. These are numbers that are strong, and they have a lot of power. They are numbers that are not common and when you have these numbers then you have strong talents.

Number 11

This person will be one that has a 2 within their Life Path Number. This is someone that wants to improve life and better themselves to be the best that they can. They love things like coaching, therapy, healing, politics, sports and other things.

Number 22

The number 22 is one that is practical and also imaginary. This kind of person will have a 4 in their Life Path Number. They are able to manifest things in their life and often work in jobs such as architecture, home care and politics.

Number 33

When you have the number 33 as your Life Path Number then it means you have a 6. You are someone that is creative, and you go out of your way to help others. You are someone that can teach others and you want to make the world better, so you believe in charity work and humanitarian things.