Why the Gemini is So Lucky

Why the Gemini is So Lucky

One of the luckiest signs around is the Gemini sign. If you were born with the Gemini rising, then you will have less problems than others and life will normally be good for you. But if you are born with the Mercury then chances are that you will have power in your life and you will be able to use it. When Mercury is in your 1st and 4th houses then you will have different things that happen to you, but you can be confident and strong in your life.

Mercury and the Gemini

Mercury is a planet that can work with any situation and is considered smart and logical. The focus of this planet is to survive. The Gemini will be smart and will do what it takes to be able to get through life.

The Gemini rising can help you because you will be attractive to talk to and you will be someone that is seen. You will be considered amazing and beautiful, but you will often be shy, and it will make people want to be around you. You will be smart, and you will be kind and have good manners.

Talking to Others

You are someone that will be able to talk with anyone about anything. You can talk about business or how someone is doing. You will do whatever you set your mind to, and you will be full of ideas. You will be someone that can throw a party or break up a fight. You know who to talk to and you know when to talk and when not to talk. You know when you need to listen. You will inspire people to live their best life and you will motivate people to do better.

The Love of Travel

You like to travel, and you know a lot about how people act and what cultures are about. You can take people through history, or you can guide them in other things. You will teach people to live a good life and you will have a social life that leave you talking and knowing everyone. You will want to interact with everyone that you meet. You will love doing hobbies and you will never meet a stranger.

Taking Care of Others

You have skills to take care of others and you are able to know what someone is about before you even get to know them. You have strong intuition, and you will be able to read the thoughts of others and dissect their words. You will know how to push someone’s buttons or how to make them feel good. You can know when someone wants to take advantage of you, and you will find that you are not super attached to anyone you meet.

Your Friends Personalities

Your friends will be similar to you and more than likely they will be:

  • Outgoing
  • Interesting
  • Helpful
  • Real

You will not want to be around people that cheat you or lie to you and you will have a problem when people come into your circle that take advantage of others. Someone that is your friend can also become our enemy and you are afraid of trusting people fully.

Special Talents

You will be talented, and you can sing, or act and you love to live life like you are on a stage. You are interacting with people that let you be true to who you are. You will never show emotions that are strong to people, but you will do that in your own privacy. You learn to not make a scene in public and even though you are opinionated, you will not let it get in the way of your business.

Creative Abilities

You are creative and you can paint, write, or do other mediums. You can express your emotions with the way that you talk or write. You are someone that is a dual sign that is represented by two human figures and so you have dual personalities. Your behavior will depend on how you are feeling.

Adapting to Life

You adapt to things, and you can focus on society without being selfish. You will look at material things and like it, but it will not rule you. You will enjoy spending time with the opposite sex, and you will date before you ever consider getting married. You will want a spouse that is active and loves children and someone that is active in your life. You will want to be with someone that is fun, or you lose interest fast.

Love of the Family

You will be involved deeply in family, and you will see your relationships as important and warm. You will be able to deal with hard things in your life and marriage such as sickness or other things and you will have a good married life.

Health and Illnesses

Your health will be good and even though you might have some chronic illnesses such as skin or nervous diseases, it will not affect you majorly. You will be happy, and you will have a good personality even when things are hard. You will not be negative, and you will do things to feel better when things are hard. When you need a solution to your problems, you will relax and think it through.

Logic and Practicality

You are logical and practical, and you are good at business. You can do things that others cannot do because you are brave, and you can reach whatever you want. You will earn money because you work hard but you might need to change your mindset sometimes and do more things. You might want to change your career path, but you will probably like things such as:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Journalism
  • Medicine
  • Education

You will work well in groups, and you are a good teammate. You like to have money that you can spend and enjoy your life, but you will also invest.

Spiritual Ascendents

Gemini ascendents will be spiritual and it will develop based on their horoscope. There will be progress in their religious beliefs, and you will be involved in charitable things, and you will do what you can to follow your values and morals. You will want to be part of humanity and you will see people and you will understand them and their emotions. You will have compassion when things happen to them.

Understanding Sensitivities

You will be able to understand when people are sensitive, and you can pick up cues that other people cannot. You can build your religion fast because of your intelligence and intuition.

Gemini Downfalls

The biggest downfalls that you will have been that you are not able to keep interested in one thing for long. You will never reach your real success in life. You have too much energy and often feel restless. There are activities in front of you, but you will not be able to fully focus on them. You will be doing something and change your mind in the middle of it.

You will always be fickle minded, and you have a hard time making decisions. You will appreciate what you have to do, and you will be responsible, and you will follow your commitments. You will guard your life and you will not trust beyond what you can see and do. You will never let your heart be used. You are gentle and kind.

Overall Gemini Personality

The Gemini is a good and fun person to be. They are a little of this and a little of that and maybe even spiritual. This is a dual sign, and the 1st house will give you choices to be bold and to make the most out of your life.


  1. I found the section on creative abilities particularly engaging. It’s great to know that Gemini individuals can express themselves in various mediums.

  2. The health section was quite reassuring. It’s good to know that even with possible chronic illnesses, Gemini can maintain a positive outlook.


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