Why Astrology Works for Twins

Astrology Works for Twins

People often use astrology in order to help understand what they should do in their life. When they are changing careers or want to be in a relationship, astrology can help with these answers. As part of the zodiac sign, it can be helpful to understand yourself and others more.

Libras are people that want to have a balanced and healthy life while Capricorns like to teach things and teach them right! One question that people often ask is how twins can be so different and share the same birth chart.

Changing Personalities

Sometimes, one twin will be like the mother, and one will be like the father. Even though the birth chart is the same, they can still have different personalities. One thing that can change how things work is how the twin interprets their own chart.

Twins do not birth exactly at the same time, and one is always after the other. This can be hours or even just seconds apart but they are still different and can have different personalities because of this.

Looking at the Stars

Rising signs move one degree every four minutes and they will go into a different sign as early as two hours. This means that a twin can have the same birth chart but have a different ascendant chart.

If the placements are different by just a few minutes, then this can even go into a different astrological house that makes them even more different. So, when twins are born during a cusp, one can have one personality and the other a different one.

Twin Differences

There is a time during the birth chart that makes twins different. They can be very different depending on their cusp or they can be different because the chart is divided between them even in their early minutes of life.

The twins will grow up together but that doesn’t mean that they are the same person. Most of the time, the twins will pick up different traits and different roles. One twin will be stronger, and one will be weaker. The choices that someone makes can change their roles.

Twins that don’t live in the same household will most likely be more like the family that they grow up with even if they have a twin. When twins are raised together, they are born at the same time and live together, they will often try to be the center of the attention. They will fight for this role because it is natural to want to be the alpha male.

Making a Choice

People that are twins can be different depending on how many minutes or seconds apart they are born. When they are born though, they have different mindsets, and this causes the chart to have differences.

Another thing that makes them different is their free will. This can change the personality of anyone and can make each individual different.

Embrace the Differences

Astrology is something that can help people to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and the personalities that they have. Two people that aren’t twins can be very much alike and twins can be very different.

Living your life is part of what determines your personality, but astrology still plays a huge role in it. If you want to understand yourself more and find out your different natal and birth charts, you can talk to a psychic and they can tell you more about your past, present and future.