Why Am I Seeing Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers

Some people do not realize how important and powerful numbers are, but the truth is, numbers can bring you luck and bring you positive energies. People often have a number that they love because they think that this certain number will make good things happen for them. There are numbers that can bring power into your life such as the number 11:10 which is considered an angel number. What is an angel number?

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that the angels send you so that they can communicate with you. Numbers such as 11:10 can mean that your angels want you to see that you are doing good, and they want to encourage you to be strong. This number can mean that they want you to stay positive or that they see how positive and strong you are being.

Your angels have been with you since you were born, and they allow you to have energies that are strong and safe. When you are trying to do good by reaching your goals, you will see that you need to love yourself more and you need to learn to be patient with those around you. When you see the number 11:10, your angels could be telling you to remain calm, try new things and to keep moving froward.

This number can help you to know that the things that you desire in your life are coming to be. The number can show you that you are moving in the right direction and that you are on the right journey in your life. Let your angels guide you!

Tarot Cards and Numbers

Numbers mean different things. When you look at the number 11:10, you will see that this takes the energy of 0, 1, 11 and 111 and puts them together. You add them together and they will equal 21 (1+1+1=3 or 10+11=21). Here are what some of the numbers mean:

Number 0

This number means infinity. If you are a Scorpio, you might think of the number Pluto, which rules over the Scorpio. Pluto has power to make things or to break them.

The reason this number means infinity is because it is a circle, and it never comes to a stop. Therefore, this number can make you have energy that never ends and help you to have strong hope that things will be great.

Number 1

The number 1 can mean something new is going to happen. It can mean you are strong, powerful, independent and that you are creative. This number is part of the Leo sign and a sign of the sun. It can mean you can get what you desire.

Number 11

11 is considered a number called a Master number. This means that it can help you to be helpful and to work with others. It might mean you are a psychic, and you have special gifts. This number can help you to reach your spiritual self and to make things right and to show love to others.

Number 10

The number 10 is both the 0 and the 1 and it means that you can manifest things into your life. If you have big dreams, with this number, they can come true.  Let your thoughts be positive and pay attention to the tarot “Wheel of Fortune” while you let your life be full of favor and manifestations.

Number 111

111 is both the Master numbers 11 and 1. This can mean you are very psychic, and you are working towards your enlightenment. It can mean that you can get over anything that is negative in your life, and you can change things around to become more positive and hopeful. Think of who you are and live the life of someone that is full of faith and light so that you can manifest good things into your life.

Number 1110

This number is one that has three 1’s and a zero. This number can mean that you can be blessed in your life. You can have strong energies that show you that the Universe is about you and that it is taking care of you. Let this number help you to be good to others.

Number 3

The 3 is a number that works with the Ascended Masters. This number works with the zodiac sign of the Sagittarius. It helps you to find peace and joy and is represented by the goddess of the Tarot who brings peace to plants, animals, and all living things. This is a good power and is very loving.

Number 21

The number 21 is part of the Universe, and it is something that means goodness. It can help you to get good things in your life and when you see it, it means something good is going to happen for you. You might find love or be able to work through problems that you have. This number can help you to see what your goals are.

Numbers, Astrology and Love

People that have birthdays that fall in the 11:10 number are part of the Scorpio sign. They will be bright, and they have the eagle as their spirit animal because they are able to go higher than their troubles. These people are often very loyal and strong.

Love is also seen with the 11:10 number. This number can show you that you have love coming to your life. If you are in a good relationship, you will see that this number can make your relationship even better than it is.

Repeating Numbers

No number happens by accident and when numbers repeat, this is a sign. Repeating numbers can mean that you are going to get coincidences and synchronicities in your life. It can also mean that you are going to have something happen to you that connects you with others.

Repeating numbers happen when your angels or guardians want to show you something. The universe wants to speak to you when this happens, and you need to listen because they want what is the best for you.

When there is a “triple mirror hour,” this means that there is a number that is a triple number such as a 1110 or an 11:10. This is like a mirror number and can mean that there are super strong vibrations that are surrounding you. This can show you that you need to reach to be the best you can be. The number 11:10 is always a sign from the universe and is never an accident.

Angels and Guardians

Seeing 11:10 or repeating numbers can mean that your angels or guardians are there to help you and guide you. Pay attention and let them help you to make good decisions. You can speak to your angels or guides and ask them to show you the right way to go and to lead you. This will help you to have peace in your heart and your mind.

Your guides such as Lehahiah can help you to see that there are great things in newness and can help you to get over things that are hard. He can help you to see that you are strong and that you can do anything that you set your mind to. With your guides and angels, anything is possible.

Seeing Numbers

Whenever you see the number 11:10 or other repeating numbers you need to let the energies of this number come to you. Let yourself be strong and pay attention to the psychic powers that you have and the gifts that you are trying to achieve. Embrace what is happening in your life and allow newness to come to you.