Who You Are and Your Aries Rising Sign

Aries Rising Sign

Your rising sign which is also called your ascendant sign is thought to be who you are by astrologers. Sometimes people will look at you and will describe you or see you a certain way because of this sign. The sun is the sign that allows you to see who you are to yourself while the moon is who you really are and then the rising sign is how people see you.

Aries Rising Sign

People that have the rising sign as an Aries will be what people think as confident and strong. This is a sign that can say what they need to say and make decisions fast. They are natural leaders, and they like to be in charge of things, even at work or when doing projects. This sign is one that is ruled by Mars and therefore they are sexual and often love to be physical or engage in sports.

Some people will see this sign as attractive no matter if they are handsome or pretty or not. They are able to present themselves well and they have a strong style. They are easy to get along with and they are peaceful people which makes them have a lot of friends. They love to have nice things and they love to be able to connect with many different people. They are people that like to throw fancy dinners and appreciate fine wine and sex and other indulgences. They also take good care of themselves, get the rest that they need and know what they are worth.

Personality of an Aries Rising Sign

Here are some personality traits of an Aries Rising Sign:

• Fun.
• Exciting.
• Attractive.
• Natural leaders.
• Take-control types of people.
• Love sports.
• Love sex.
• Love fine things.
• Confident.
• Strong.
• Easy to talk to.
• Self-aware.
• Practice self-care.
• Know their worth.

If you are an Aries and you have this rising sign, chances are that you are strong and outwardly. This is how the world sees you and who you are, who do you see yourself as being?

Find out more on your rising sign and what that means for how people look at you. Does your own self-perception fit the perception that others have for you?