When Venus is in Retrograde

When Venus is in Retrograde

In Capricorn, when the holidays come, Venus can be in retrograde for around six weeks. This happens almost every year and a half and this will affect the relationships and the star signs which can include changes in friendships, business situations, romance and more.

Don’t Be Upset

When Venus goes into retrograde, don’t get fearful or stressed out. This is a time where you can look at your situation and you can learn to show others kindness and love. The love of Venus can help you even when she retrogrades.

Retrogrades can be hard but they can also be a time of opportunities and a time for you to do over things that you messed up on. It is a season of second chances which is why it comes with a re, re-do, repair and more.


The goddess of love is Venus, and the signs of Taurus and Libra are ruled by her. She can help you to benefit in life by giving you peace and harmony.

Capricorn Venus Retrograde

You should be able to express your feelings and if you have real love, you will be comfortable during the retrograde. You do need to be careful and make sure that you are staying cool but if you have emotions that aren’t being expressed, now is the time.

Venus is an emotional planet, and it is a time for you o be responsible and to have success. Capricorn loves working and the retrograde can help you in all of your relationships, work, love and more.

What to Expect

Even though things might seem strange, the retrograde can bring back your ex and make you closer in the relationships that have been strained for a while.


Being a single during the retrograde can allow you to love yourself more. It can help you to have more abundance and to find real love. Remember that you deserve this. Let your heart get strong and manifest things into your life. Burn a candle that is pink, have happiness, take a bath or do something special for yourself.


During the retrograde, couples might fight more. This time can bring up hurt in your life and can bring up past situations. Be patient and kind when you communicate with your partner and don’t make big relationship decisions during this time. Wait until Venus is no longer in retrograde, and you will be calmer then.


Your exes might come back to your life, and they will see what kind of boundaries you have. Make sure you are being smart in your decisions. You can decide to give your ex another chance or you might want to try and remember the things that happened as to why the relationship ended. Don’t make decisions during this time about your ex even if it feels right.

When you are trying to get over someone, the retrograde can be a time of healing. This can be a time that you can get over hurt and you can protect your heart from past situations.

Retrograde and 12 Houses

Here is how the retrograde affects the houses:

First House

Make sure you are kind to yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself and learn to be kind. Don’t get surgery or do things to make yourself look better. Your judgement will not be as hard later.

Second House

In this house there might be money problems but don’t get worried. You will be able to fix your finances when things get different.

Third House

The third house is a time to communicate with others even if you don’t feel like it. Call your family and friends but this can be a time where old hurts come up. Heal during this time.

Fourth House

You might move away from home and if you are wanting to move, you need to do things like unclutter your home and see if that’s what you really want.

Fifth House

Focus on what makes you happy. If you have kids, love them and be part of their life. Be creative and sexual and enjoy your life.

Sixth House

Look at your health and make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Pay attention to your fitness and build your self-esteem.

Seventh House

Your relationships might have ended during this time, and you might feel worthless. Get rid of relationships that make you feel that way or ones where you are dealing with toxicity. Make room for new love.

Eighth House

Look at the power and if you are keeping it or giving it to others. Let your focus be about having better values and being more responsible in your life.

Ninth House

Take a new class or learn something new. Gain knowledge and think about the way that you will make your life better.

Tenth House

Venus in retrograde might help you to have a better job. You might get a raise or even get a position you want. If this isn’t happening though, take time to reevaluate your career and see if you are going where you want to go.

Eleventh House

Past connections such as old friends might come back at this time. Find out if they are meant to be in your life or if you need to stay by yourself.

Twelfth House

This is a time to change your conscious mind. Look at your money and your love and then evaluate your spiritual self.

Final Thoughts

When Venus is in retrograde, this is a time that you need to look at your own life and when you need to heal yourself and other relationships. Nurture and take care of yourself and make sure that anything that is missing gets taken care of. Allow healing to come and allow love to fill your life. Let Venus accept you and assist you as you move through your life.