When Venus and Mars Rule Attraction

Venus and Mars

You can look at the astrological chart that you have, and you can find out how your emotions and relationships work. You can look at the placement of the Moon and the Sun to figure out your signs and who you would be most compatible with.

Mars and Venus shows how your sexual and romantic relationships go and what drives your passion. This is how you can keep on with your journey.

Venus in Desire

The zodiac can help to show how your love life is. Venus shows your romantic life and the attitude that you have towards money. You might have something in your head telling you what you want, and you can do this by finding the right job. Venus is about love, but it doesn’t mean that you get everything that you want. You can use Venus as a magnet to draw the desires that you have in your life.

Venus shows the feelings that you have, and they show the love and sexuality that you enjoy most in your life.

Mars in Action

You can call on Mars to help you meet the needs that you have with Venus. This means you have desire and ambitions that make you want to succeed. Mars is about expressing your sexuality and going after the things that you want. It is a time of being brave, honest and impulses.

Mars and Venus work together sometimes and they form a symbolic relationships. They connect with you in relationships and in sex but when there is conflict in your relationship you can see where your soulmate comes from.

What you do to your soulmate can make them desire you and you need to make sure that you are meeting their needs.

Venus and Mars Partners

Even if you think that you are both just friends, chances are that you might have a sexual attraction. This experience can be instant, and it can be a connection that is natural. You might be friends at first, but you might see that you are soulmates, and you even finish each other’s sentences.

The chemistry might fade over time, but you will stay friends no matter what.

Venus and Mars Natal Trine

During Natal time, you will have a romantic relationship that is natural. This will be an affectionate time and your love will be mutual. You will have compatibility and your relationship will be satisfying. You will see that a Venus person is one that loves how strong the Mars person is and Mars will love how Venus acts and how strong their inner being is.

This trine is a long-lasting love, and it will be great for both partners. Even though you will disagree sometimes, they will be easy to work out and they won’t be some kind of major problem. Romantic love will not fade, and you will see that the love remains over time. The relationship will use energy that is strong, and they will be your partner forever.

Venus and Mars Sexuality

Venus and Mars have a hard time not being passionate with each other. They want to do whatever makes them feel good and brings attraction to them. They are romantic with each other, and they will have a burning that seems to be like a flame. They will know how to make the other person happy and even though this won’t be love that happens right away, the love will start and will grow stronger. Once you realize that the person is the one for you, you will see that you are compatible when it comes to sex, and you will even be playful.

Some of your friends might think that you are odd together and never thought that you would even fit in together, but your love is there to stay, and you have fun together.

Venus Square and Mars

Venus square Mars is one of the hardest things that can happen in a relationship. There will be an attraction that is more of a psychic situation than anything else. This can be a time that you get jealous. The attraction that you will have with this person will be high, but the timing will not be right, and it will lead to misunderstandings. You will have sexual problems, anger and feelings that can be both hot and cold. Venus will see that Mars is too pushy and the directedness of this will be offensive.

Mars might feel confused by Venus, and this can be a time where Mars feels rejected. It can be hard to deal with, but this is also a powerful time. Venus will shut out Mars during this time, but they will make sure to find out what the other person is doing by looking at their social media profiles. Sometimes they won’t even talk to each other. The thing about this though is that this doesn’t mean that the relationship will end badly, you can deal with this energy, and you will see that you can communicate better.

Venus Opposition of Mars

Sometimes you can date someone that is like you but more than likely you will find that opposites really do attract to each other. The attraction that you will have with someone different than you will be something you can’t deny but you will see that there will be things that you need to overcome.

There will be differences that you have that cause you to express your love differently, but it can be challenging. You have to talk to each other about how you want to be affectionate, and this can turn into a time where you want to try other things. When things get hard, you need to not be jealous or possessive, but this is something you will be prone to.

Use your own inner creativity to help you to be diplomatic when it comes to romance.