When Libra is Unbalanced


Astrology is something that has been around for years and years and it can tell you a lot about who you are based on when you were born and other things. It also has to do with the different zodiac signs and the personalities that come with it.

Sometimes astrology looks at the traits of the Libra, those that were born between September 21 and October 20th and makes them look balanced, creative, peaceful, and exciting. This happens because Venus being the governing planet and it is a romantic planet.

Most people that know the Libras though realizes that they aren’t always peaceful and exciting. Not much is written about the positive things that the libra has in their personality such as their peace-loving and sociable behaviors. Even people like Vladimir Putin and Lee Harvey Oswald, Josef Stalin, are all Libras.

Anyone that has ever been around a Libra or lives with a Libra will realize that they are borderline narcissists. They are a unique sign, and their horoscope reads their character traits based on the Ascendent, Sun and Moon sign. The nodes of the moon are also looked at. While you can look at the traits and put everyone in the same place with the charts, you have to consider other things.

Looking at the Scales

The scales of the Libra are that they are the last of the 12 signs. Astrologers in the past didn’t know which stars the sky belonged to when it came to the Libra sign, and they had 71 that they were able to count and 41 in the constellation.

They constellation represented a scale and the Ancient Egyptians believed that when someone died that their soul was weighed and that this decided where they went in the afterlife. They would see the stars and the scales, but they didn’t see this as a stand-alone situation. They felt that it belonged to the goddess of harvest by Virgo.

The Ancient Romans believed that Libra was a standalone constellation and that the scales meant justice and not having what you needed. Astronomers in 1930 AD fixed the constellation borders and this showed that Libra was the two brightest constellations including Scorpio.

There were new boundaries put up and the astrologers called the two stars Alpha Librae and Beta Librae. They also came up with these points:

  • Libras have some traits that the Scorpio have because they stole it form the Scorpion stars. They would get more negative traits than Scorpio which meant that they would be prideful and arrogant and spiteful.
  • The Libra represented an object that wasn’t alive and that would make them heartless.
  • Libra has an undecided vibration.

The Libra sign knows that their traits are negative and that they are sometimes known for these things. Those that are honest about who they are will admit to having negative traits.

Unbalanced Libra

When the Libra is unbalanced, it can cause conflicts. When the Librans act terrible, they are sorry for their actions. They might have reacted because something happened like they got drunk, or they were out of control that day.

When negativity takes hold of them, they sometimes get addicted to things and play the role of a bad boy or bad girl. The thing with them is that they don’t like to hear about things that are terrible or that cause trouble and they like things that are happy.

When they watch movies or listen to songs, they choose to listen to ones that aren’t sad or about murder or grief. They want to keep their ideas about injustice to themselves and they don’t want to be out of their comfort zones.

They choose to be quiet because they feel that if they are quiet that they are able to keep the peace. The Libra chart shows that they know what they want but that they are unable to commit to things. They don’t want to set goals that they might not make, and they don’t want to be thoughtless in their decisions, especially if they affect others.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing about the Libra is that they feel that they are never wrong. They don’t look at their actions or decisions that they make but they choose whatever they are feeling at the moment. This takes them past their limits and often makes them have narcissistic traits.

When you think about the Libra, make sure that you remember their history and how the stars and the signs didn’t quiet line up for them. They are born with insecurity and that is why they are more about themselves than others.