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What to Know About a Capricorn

If you want to love a Capricorn, it can require a lot of effort and passion, but it can be worth it. A Capricorn is ambitious and practical, and they are loyal. The feelings that you have when you are wanting to date a Capricorn can be strong. If your feelings are not strong, make sure that you are not investing time in people that you will just walk away from because it can be frustrating and hurtful, but if you are willing to work hard, it can be very fulfilling for you.


Capricorns have strong standards and they want to be loved. They will not fall for anyone and they will choose their partners because they expect to be married when they get into relationship.

Capricorns want someone that is real in their life and genuine. They do not want you to just try to impress them to get attention, they want you to show them their worth.

The relationship with a Capricorn is one where they want to feel special. They want to have high standards and they want to feel good.

Most likely, a Capricorn will be passionate, loving, and extreme. They will put their whole life into their relationship and will expect the same from you. Capricorns have an all or nothing in their relationships.


A Capricorn will take time to fall in love because they do not want to be hurt. Even if they seem rude sometimes, this is because they are wanting to make sure that they are with someone that loves them before they move forward.

They will hide their feelings and not expose themselves. They will expect them to be risks but they might act uninterested even though they are very caring. The Capricorn will hide their feelings and it can take a while to know what they are really feeling.

Being with a Capricorn means that the relationship will go slow. It takes a lot of time for them to feel secure and to feel loved.

The Capricorn loves to be with someone that will show action and will give them attention. They want you to know what they mean and what their body language is saying. They are kind, giving and sincere. They want to know that you love them.

This relationship will be slow to marriage and once they are married though it will last forever because they will never want to break up.


The Capricorn does not like to argue, and they want to feel right. They have a good way of reading people. Most of the time, they are right about what is going on. Do not lie in this relationship and do not try to prove them wrong unless you have true proof.

A Capricorn wants to be in control of the relationship, and they are very bossy and independent. They are stubborn and when someone is arguing with them, they want to be right. They want to tell others how to do things and even though they seem bossy or overpowering, they are great to be with and they will fight for you if needed.


Capricorns like to have things. They like the fine things in life, and they want to have materials and things that they want to add to their life.

When they get married, they will want to have good finances because this makes them feel safe. They will have a lot of possessions and they can seem materialistic. They feel that they deserve things in love when they pick a partner. Money does not buy love, but it is important to them.


A Capricorn will be very faithful to you and loyal. Once you get their heart, you have it. They will love expensive parties and dinners and they aren’t afraid of anything, but they want you to care about them and remain faithful to them.

This relationship means that they will support you and they want to trust you. This is where the relationship will survive. They want you to be successful in your life and to reach your dreams.

They will be there for each step you take and will help you through your problems. They are against you flirting outside of the relationship and if you want to be with them, it is them only.

They want you to be devoted in your love and your partnership and you cannot show them insecurity, or they will leave you.


Capricorns usually will not share their feelings right away. They have a hard time getting deep in relationships and being intimate in dating because they are afraid to show who they are.

They are full of feelings, but they take time to show them. They will show you with commitment and love how much they care but their emotions might not feel like they add up.

Do not expect the Capricorn to show you love with feelings but with commitment and respect.


Capricorns are tolerant in the relationship, but they will not take a lot. They will want you to treat them a certain way and they will have good control on their anger.

Do not make them angry or they might explore or come off as rude. They do not get mad easily but when they do, they will yell and throw things. They might have arguments that get very heated and nasty, but this is because they are hurt.

Instead of staying mad at you though, they will tell you how much you have hurt them and disappointed them and will end the story at that.


If you betray a Capricorn it can be hard for them to forgive you. They are honorable and expect the same from you. When you betray them, chances are they will want to have revenge and they will have a hard time forgiving you. When they feel angry then they will have a hard time understanding the whole situation.

It is a big deal for you to hurt a Capricorn and if you really love them then you will not betray them because it will cause them to lose trust in you and not to forgive you.

Mood Swings

A Capricorn can entertain you, but they can have strong mood swings. They can go from being fun to being upset or angry in seconds and it seems like it comes out of nowhere.

Capricorns can be sweet and kind and then get upset fast. Do not fight with them and let it just end and pass. It can be hard to be with them because you do not want them to be angry at you or to ruin a fun time.


Capricorns can be very critical because they want things to be perfect. They have high standards in their relationships, and they want you to be excellent. They will give you feedback, but they want you to do things right and they expect you to follow rules.

They think highly of themselves and feel like they are looking down on people and they put pressure on their partners.


Capricorns have desires in bed just like other people, but they might be a little freaky. They love adventure and are playful. They seem to be well together but, on the inside, they have doubt and want to be creative. They let things go when they are in the bedroom and they are determined to make your head swim. They can give you pleasurable sex.

Keeping Them

When you are looking to get a Capricorn, you have to understand that they have a hard time paying attention and they have short attention spans. Even if it feels like they are ignoring you or ghosting you, the truth is they are just free-spirits and they do not mean to ignore you

The Capricorn is a wonderer and they love their life. They will show you that they are worth having. If you are boring or uninterested, chances are that you need to make a spark so that you can have common ground.

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