What to Ask an Astrologer in a Reading

Astrologer in a Reading

Astrology is about your birth chart and other projection points such as the time you were born and your birth month and day.

There are different questions that you can ask your astrologer and here is a guide to help you if you choose to get a reading.

What Does My Money Relationship Look Like?

Your birth month can show you about your money and how confident you are in it. If you are able to handle your finances well, you will know based on your birth chart. The reason that you look at your birth chart is because it can determine your debt and how balanced you are.

A person that is in the second house of Uranus might have financial healing. The two planets that are different in the birth chart might feel better when they are spending money and so this means that they need to figure out how to budget their money better.


One question people often ask an astrologer is what their talents are. Some people are good at working while others are great at being creative. Someone in the Venus planet might be artistic if they are in the fifth house.

Changing Birth Chart

Your birth chart can change over time depending on how the planets move. You can feel different from your astrological identity depending on how the planets move. The signs change each year and a half, and this changes your emotions as well.

Professional Life

The tenth house of your astrological chart will tell you what profession you should be in. You might have a career that you are striving for and in order to reach it you have to set goals.

The tenth house also helps you to know what kind of relationship you have with things such as authority and if you should stay where you are or find new work.

Past Life

The Nodes of Destiny or the South Node is one that can determine what happened in your past life. This can have to do with things such as your karma that you have built up and your relationships. This can also show if you have any habits that you need to change or things that you need to leave behind in your life.

Some people will be able to know what kind of connections they have with their planets based on the Nodes of Destiny and this can help you to move forward if you are stuck in your past or your past mistakes.

Lifetime Learning

Using the North Node of Destiny can show you what you are supposed to learn in the now. Sometimes you can find this based on your chart and the energy that comes with it.

Birth chart and Health

You can learn more about what your health is based on y our birth chart. Use the sixth and eight houses to tell you if you have sickness or chronic issues.


Astrology readings can help you to know more about love. You can ask about your relationship or how your mind and soul are prepared for love.

You can use your seventh house, the moon and Venus in your birth chart to find out what kind of person will be attracted to you and who you will attract to. Remember that this is not set in stone and is just a guess based on the stars.

Find out more about your friendships, relationships, and your family life by looking at your energy and what kind of partner that you want in your life.


There are many different questions that you can ask your astrology and then you can find out more about your life fast.