What is Your Ruling Planet?

Ruling Planet

There is so much more to the stars and planets that just enjoying their beauty. Using the stars and the planets can help you to understand your life even more. Most people know what their zodiac sign is but not everyone knows their ruling planet. Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, and these are things that go back for years and years and have been recorded in astrological texts.  These planets help to give you deep insight into your personality depending on your zodiac sign.

  • The Ruling Sun

The sun is what rules Leo. The sun is one that helps to keep time and it will go to the same spot that worked with your birth one year. This is why our calendar is consistent on keeping time. The zodiac sign of the Leo is one that helps to guide the self-image and is intense and consistent.

  • The Ruling Moon

The moon rules Cancer. This is the only sign that is visited each month. The tides of the ocean are ruled by the moon as well and Cancer is one that can be secure and obsessed with those around them. People that are the Cancer sign are people that want to feel secure and love being in their home. They are normally strongly intuitive.

  • Mercury Ruling Planet

Mercury rules both the Gemini and the Virgo planets. This moves around the signs quickly and it goes towards the sun. It sometimes looks like it is even going backwards because it goes so fast.

There are three times a year that Mercury is in retrograde, and this allows you to move through the chaotic situation while you can take time to look at things in your life that you need to change. Gemini is one that can communicate well, and the Virgo sign is one that will be organized.

Those that are in the sign of the Gemini are able to express their emotions while the Virgo will understand the hierarchies and why they are necessary.

  • Venus Ruling Planet

Venus is a planet that rules Libra and Taurus. This is a planet that loves beauty and art. It is one that can be in retrograde, and it will last for at least two months when it is. This ruling planet has two signs that have little in common, but their personalities will show both beauty of things like art and eating and elegance in fashion and love.

  • Mars Ruling Planet

Mars is a masculine planet, and it is very intense. It rules both Aries and Scorpio. Those that are under this ruling planet are always moving forward and don’t have time to remember things. This planet will go to retrograde and will last there for a few weeks.

  • Jupiter Ruling Planet

The biggest planet of the solar system is Jupiter. This is a planet that takes up to 12 years to go through the zodiac. It will stay in each sign for a year, and it rules Sagittarius and Pisces. This planet is one that is big and expansive. The Pisces is a sign that is full of vision and one that reflects nature, and the Sag sign is one that loves to have fun and take chances.

  • Saturn Ruling Planet

The only planet that rules two zodiac signs that are contiguous is Saturn. This is a sign that takes 28.5 days to go through the zodiac. It will stay in each zodiac for 2.5 years. Saturn has limited visibility and is one that can be seen from earth without a telescope. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn rules during the darkest months in the year. Capricorn is one that wants to find its rightful place on the earth and the Aquarius loves people and loves to be around popular things.

  • Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus Ruling Planet

These are the ancient planets and they have been discovered to have a connection between the signs and the planets. Uranus, for example, is one that shows revolutions and was discovered during the French Revolution and also just after the American Revolution. This was said to be over Aquarius.

Neptune was founded in the 19th century and is connected to photography and birth. It rules over Pisces.

Pluto was discovered to have a connected power and is one that works well with the Scorpio. It was founded in 1930.

The rules of these planets are valuable, and they help to show the personalities of those that are part of these signs. These are those that have human personalities that fit with their signs, and they show truth and help people to understand themselves better.