What is Mercury Retrograde and How Does it Affect You?

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is part of astrology that causes the physical plane to be confused sometimes. This is a messenger planet and works with communication and logic. There are things in the retrograde that go a little crazy.

How Does This Change Relationships?

Mercury is a messenger in the sky, and it works around the sun. The sun will give you energy and will work fast to give you messages. When you interact with people, you will need to work fast and this can even be by electronics.

When it is retrograde, which happens a few times each year, people will say things that they don’t mean to say, and they will not know how to respond to people that say things. This can lead to insults and bad reactions.

The Mercury retrograde affects relationships because they rule the past and this can cause you to be interested in an old crush or someone else. This can be confusing and if you talk about things with them that have hurt you or upset you, you can have a good relationship. But if you choose to not talk to them, this can lead you to have misunderstandings.

Interactions can be harder to work through at this time and you will act impulsively. This means you need to slow down and be careful what you say.

Zodiac Element

Here are some ways that you can look at your sign and work through this Mercury Retrograde:

Fire Signs

The fire signs need to make sure that they are not being impatient. Slow down when you have something to say and don’t be so blunt. When you rush through things you want to say you will miss out on good information that is needed.

Earth Signs

The fire sign will overlook things, but the earth sign will spend too much time thinking about things and will lose sight of what they need to do.

They will need to make sure that they are letting things go and moving on.

Air Sign

The air sign is someone that takes things slow, and they are able to communicate well. They often are misunderstood, and they need to be silent and take things slow.

Water Signs

Water signs are overly emotional, and they react when people say things. They need to find out the facts before they overreact.

They love to follow their intuition but sometimes during this time their intuition is off, and they don’t always follow their feelings.


The Mercury retrograde is a time where you will have misunderstandings and surprise that happen. This can cause communication to be a little hard but if you are patient, you will be alright.