What is Karma and How Does it Work?

What is Karma and How Does it Work?

Karma is something that helps you to make better choices and to think through the choices that you might make in your life. Some people say this is a “what comes around goes around” situation and that karma is always ready to strike back. Is karma all bad and can you change it?


Karma means actions or deed and is a Sanskrit word that comes form the root kri. This means to act or to do something. Karma means that you are doing actions in your past, present and future that all affect you.

There are three types of karma in yoga:


This means that you have both good and bad karma. These cannot be changed but you can work towards paying off your karmic debt. As the karma gets more, you will see that the actions that you make affect it.


This is part of your past karma and works with what is going on in your life now. This can show you who you are now because of what you have done in the past and the experiences that you have had.


This is karma that you create for yourself, and it is karma in the now. The actions and the choices that you make now will affect your future.

Being Kind

Some believe that if you are kind that karma will go away and that is not how it works. People often say that karma is bad when bad things are happening to them and when they have good karma, they claim to be kind to others.

Understanding karma is not just hitting someone and getting hit but it is the action that comes back to them, and it might be in a different form.

Karma and the Heart

Karma can get linked with other people and this can lead to karmic relationships. When these happen, they are strong connections that are very hard to deal with. These relationships are meant to teach you a lesson and as soon as you learn your lesson, you can move forward and put the karma behind you.

Karmic Debt

You can know that you have karmic debt when things keep repeating in your life. If you keep having certain issues in your life, you will see that this is karmic debt.

You can figure out if your life path number is part of karmic debt which means that you will have to pay this karma off in your lifetime to get rid of it. You can find this number by taking your birthday and your year and adding them up.

Karmic Debt Numbers

If you do the math and you find out that you have one of the karmic numbers of 13, 14, 16 or 19, you need to know what the karmic debt is associated with you.


This can mean that you are selfish and lazy in your past, and you never took responsibility for yourself or your actions.


This can mean you have issues of controlling others. You want to be in power in all things and you thought that you could rule over people.


This can mean that you are egotistical and that you were always pushy in your past relationships.


This number can mean you are manipulative and selfish and that you wanted to make people do what you wanted to get better things in your life.

Getting Rid of Karmic Debt

You need to learn from things in your life and bring about change to really get rid of karmic debt. You cannot get rid of karmic debt with negative actions or thinking and there are ways that you can clear up your karmic debt:

  • Be thankful for everything that you have and all of your chances to change.
  • Get rid of toxic people and situations out of your life and live the best life you can.
  • Know what motives you have and make sure that you are using pure intentions in everything you do.
  • Take action when something isn’t working and do good even when no one is looking.
  • Forgive others that have hurt you and forgive yourself.

Breaking the Wheel

You have a choice to get rid of past karma and to break the wheel. You need to be honest with yourself and be brave and then you can make hard decisions and change things that you need to change in your life.