What is a Rainbow Aura?

Rainbow Aura

Your aura is the thing that surrounds you like a bubble that is your energy field. Anything that comes at you such as positive or negative energy can attach to your aura. Your aura can tell people a lot about you and can give information on what you are feeling, what is going on in your life and even what kind of person you are.

The color of the aura is represented of different things you are going through and of the vibrational frequency that you have. Some people have many different colors in their aura, and this is sometimes referred to as a “rainbow aura.”

Rainbow Aura Traits

Someone with a rainbow aura will have traits such as:

  • Very attuned to the psychic world.
  • Sensitive to energies around them.
  • Have a mission and purpose in their life.
  • Are able to help heal others.
  • Connected to the psychic world.
  • They are easily accepted and embraced in large crowds.
  • Very spiritual.
  • Have evolved often.

How Auras Work

Your aura will help to keep you safe and will protect you of energies of people and things around you. People that have a strong aura will be able to fight off things that are negative in their lives and they will feel strong and feel that they are accepted and loved.

Traits of a Strong Aura

If you have a strong aura and your aura is clean and working, chances are you will have these kinds of feelings:

  • Loving others.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Happiness.
  • Peace.
  • Joy.
  • Patience.
  • Good Health.

Blocked or Dirty Aura

If your aura is blocked or dirty, you may feel:

  • Angry
  • Sick
  • Unhappy
  • Stressed
  • Depressed


It is important that you make sure that your aura is strong and that you are keeping your aura clean and healthy. Keeping your aura clean will allow you to feel good in your life and to experience all of the amazing things the universe has to offer you.