What is a Lilith Sign?

Lilith Sign

Most people that are into signs know things about their moon, rising and sun sign but many have not heard of the Lilith sign. This is a sign of your black or dark moon which is the part of your personality that is considered dark. Even if it is dark though, it is part of your astrological life.

What Does the Lilith Sign Mean?

People like to have boundaries but when your boundaries are ignored, this is when the Lilith sign comes. It will help you to express yourself. The house placement of this sign can also show your sexuality, what you are obsessed with, and it even shows relationships that are hard in your life. This is the part of your dark self that people often try to hide from others.


Aries love to compete with others. If you have your Lilith sign in Aries, it can mean that you will do whatever it takes to win. You like to express yourself outwardly, even if you are angry and you will do this by exercising, boxing, running, or doing other strenuous things. The passions that you have with love are strong and if someone breaks your heart, you will not go back to them.


When the Lilith sign is with Taurus, it can mean that you are sensual and that you are often seductive to others. This is energy that can also be overindulgent for you. You might overeat or overwork or do whatever it takes to do more than you should. You don’t let go of things well and you often get anxious.


The Gemini is a sign that loves to tell stories. The problem is that you sometimes cross the line, and you don’t filter what you say. This can cause you to have a hard time making friends. You need to notice that you have no patience and that you are overly sensitive before you talk to others.


Cancer in the Lilith is a maternal sign. You will be able to meet new people and help them with their needs. You meet other people, and you hide who you are by hiding your needs. You want to be needed as well and you have a hard time putting up boundaries. You also resent people when they don’t treat you the same as you treat them.


Lilith in Leo is one that is a proud sign. The dark part of this sign is that you will want to be validated and you will do what it takes to get attention from others. You need to have healthy boundaries and to love yourself more. Stop focusing on what you look like and basing who you care about by the way that they look.


Virgo signs in Lilith have a hard time with their energy. They don’t like to accept things and they have standards that no one is able to really reach. You have to learn to love people for who they are.


Libra in Lilith is a sign that has a hard time with people on the outside. They want to be with someone that they love but they also want to be their own person. They often get stuck thinking that who they are with is their identity and they over romanticize their relationships. This can be an unbalance that is unhealthy.


Scorpio in Lilith is a strong sign. This is a person that is strong when it comes to socializing, death, sex, seduction, and anything that they love. They often have strong psychic gifts, and they use it for their own advantage, even if it hurts others. Some will use sex to get their way and not even realize it.


Sagittarius in Lilith is a sign that loves change. They will have strong energy and they have a hard time settling doing to do anything including relationships, jobs, or other things in life. They always think that they can find something better than they have. They have an attitude that the world belongs to them and so they do unhealthy things. They are often blunt and tell people whatever they want.


Lilith in Capricorn can mean that you work hard, and you do what it takes to reach your goals. You can take these goals though and make them too much and cause yourself to work too hard. You forget to enjoy life and the people around you. You need to make sure that you set goals for yourself that are healthy and that you give yourself boundaries so that you can have fun and work.


Aquarius in Lilith is one that is often rebellious. They do the opposite of whatever anyone else is doing and they don’t often fit in. They struggle with their concerns, and they wonder if they really fit in anywhere. This is a sign that has weird relationships, and they want to be an individual. They sometimes disagree with things just to have a different opinion and are sometimes insecure.


The Pisces is a sign that wants to escape reality. They like to do things that are out of the ordinary and are often prone to addictive behaviors. They pick up unhealthy habits and have unhealthy emotions. They need to learn to face the feelings that they have in creative ways.

Final Thoughts

When you know your Lilith sign, you can figure out the dark part of your personality while moving on to the better things in your life. Let your energy be better for you and get rid of the things and behaviors that you need to stay away from.