What is a Capricorn Lady Like in Bed?

Capricorn Lady

Are you thinking about getting into a relationship with a woman that is a Capricorn? You need to know what you are about to get into. This woman will most likely be someone that is very loyal, one that is great at making decisions and one that is stable.

This is a woman that is born under the planet Saturn and is not someone that gives in to what other people want, easily. She is one that wants to do what she wants to do on her own before she will ever think of giving you what you want. She isn’t someone that can’t find love, she is great at satisfying her lover in bed, but first she needs to see who you are and what your plans are.

Capricorn women know a real lover and someone that just wants to get them in bed for their own purpose. The is one that should never be approached for the wrong reasons because her intuition will tell her who you are. You will never be able to have a relationship with her if you try to play games.  If you are looking for someone that will give you an automatic yes, she isn’t the one but if you want one that will tell you yes when she wants it and no when she doesn’t, a Capricorn could be perfect.

Tough Lady

Don’t think that she isn’t tough though. She will do what it takes to protect herself and if you are fake, she will know it. She does have a side of compassion and love deep inside of her and she is one that loves to have attention.

Finding Comfort

When she knows you and is comfortable with you, you will be the one that she is ready to please in bed. She won’t be a freaky lover, but she will make sure that she is satisfied before the end of the bedroom matters, and she will also make sure that you are as well.

Traits of Capricorn

Here are some traits of a Capricorn woman and some things that makes her special:

  • She is open to new ideas and sexual methods and isn’t afraid to try new positions.
  • She can be submissive if you are going to give her satisfaction.
  • She is demanding and might seem like she can’t be pleased but she can.
  • She is playful and fun.
  • She will be adventurous.
  • You don’t need special things to arouse her, just trying to satisfy her needs is all it will take.
  • Once she loves you, she will always be ready to please you.
  • She doesn’t get tired when having sex and she will never have an excuse to not continue.
  • She can go for hours without complaint.
  • She doesn’t need help or answers in how to please someone in bed.

What Turns Her Off?

Here are some things that turns off a Capricorn woman in bed:

  • Sexual incompetence. If you can’t please her in bed, then don’t try to date her. She wants a man that can perform.
  • She likes to be independent and doesn’t want all her space taken by you.
  • She doesn’t like to rush to bed.
  • She doesn’t want someone who isn’t prepared or ready to satisfy her.
  • She likes to be more active in bed than talking, she will talk to you later.

Who is Capricorn Compatible With?

Some believe that there is no zodiac that will fit better with another but that isn’t true. There are zodiac signs that match better than others. When you look at the Capricorn, she will do great with a Taurus because he can seduce her and meet her demands. Since she loves to have sex and keep it going, the Taurus will treat her with respect and give her what she wants.

Capricorn doesn’t like emotionalism and she will not want to argue with you about what is going on inside of you or about other things. She wants things to be easy and to not have to put a bunch of effort in.

Capricorn and Pisces

The Pisces is one that is great at seducing women, and she might love this man because of his water sign. Since he is dreamy, she will feel connected to him.

Capricorn is never ashamed of letting him know what she wants, and the Pisces would be willing to meet all of her needs and to make sure that she couldn’t imagine anything less.

This relationship would be one that is both give and take, and the Pisces would keep being who she needed forever and ever.

Capricorn and Scorpio

This is another pair that might be perfect. They are a pair that could last forever in bed. Scorpio’s are very sexual, and they love different positions and different games when it comes to sex. He will meet her sexual needs.

Scorpio men make love making easy and he will leave his woman feeling complete and comfortable. He will not even need a break when she is ready to have it on.

Capricorn and Capricorn

This is a great combination because they love the same things. He will not take her for granted and vice versa. They know each other’s expectations when it comes to sex, and they will make sex a very exciting thing.


  1. The compatibility section is quite enlightening. It’s useful for those considering relationships based on zodiac signs.

  2. I find the point about Capricorns being independent very relevant. It’s important to respect that independence.

    • I agree. Independence is a key trait in any relationship and understanding that can be very beneficial.

  3. The article covers a lot about the sexual aspects. I wonder if there are other qualities of a Capricorn woman that are important.


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