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Natal Chart

People often talk about manifesting the moon and the different concepts that psychics and astrologers use when it comes to planet and moon energy.

The big question is, “Can you separate what nature has from nurturing, fate, free will, karma and others by using the natal birth chart?” With this question, some wonder if there is just a destiny and that is I the end, or if there can be a separation of things.

The astrological chart will give people different possibilities but there is always going to be free that will cause everything to be different. The stars and the planets do have a big say in what happens but your journey on life will always have to do with free will.

Natal Chart

The birth chart is what the sky looked like right when you were born. This includes the planets and the constellations. The moment that you were born, this looked a different way than other times and this is how your life was influenced by it.

Here are some traits of the natal charts:

  • Aries: A leader, someone that is full of courage.
  • Taurus: A comforter and someone that is fully grounded.
  • Gemini: Someone that talks a lot and is very social.
  • Cancer: Someone that has strong feelings and is overly emotional.
  • Leo: A dramatic person that likes to have everyone looking and talking about them.
  • Virgo: A hard worker, very loyal to others.
  • Libra: Great relationship partners, likes to please their people.
  • Scorpio: Very secretive, powerful, and intense.
  • Sagittarius: Loves freedom and wants to see things changed.
  • Capricorn: Responsible in all they do, realistic.
  • Aquarius: Friendly, excited, over the top.
  • Pisces: Compassionate and very spiritual.

There are planets that work in the Natal chart and they have a big role in what goes on in life:

  • Moon: This is an emotional thing and the home.
  • Mercury: Smart, witty, able to talk well.
  • Pluto: Changes and has passion.
  • Jupiter: Good luck and pleasure.
  • Venus: Love and beauty.
  • Neptune: Psychic, spiritual planet.
  • Uranus: Transformation, moving forward, normal, and original.
  • Saturn: Life lessons being learned, life duty.
  • Mars: Energy and action
  • Sun: Expressing self and having will power.

To look at the natal chart, you have to know when you were born, where and the time and date. This is part of your sun sign and this is where the sun was at when you were born.

If you were born under the Aries sun, you will have the personality of the Aries.

The time of your birth is represented by the Rising sign and this is the eastern sky zodiac sign. This changes every 15 minutes and so it is very accurate if you know the time of your birth.

This also is a time where the planets are in their houses. There are twelve houses on the natal chart and depending on what sign was in the house will depend on what your life is like.

Think of a circle with twelve pieces cut in it. The zodiac on the outside is the rising sign and the twelve slices can indicate the zodiac signs.

Karmic lessons can happen depending on what house your planet is in and this is very true when it comes to Pluto and astrology. The time and place of your birth are determined what house your zodiac is in.

The planets will change with each birth chart and when you look at the degree of the planets, it can help you to know what lessons you have to learn in your life.

People that do not really know when they were born have a hard time figuring out what their reading will say.

The psychic messages have similar themes and some of them have very personal details. Astrology focuses more on emotions than on a life lesson.

Your Akashic records hold all of the information on your soul and the life that you have lived. The rest of the questions lie in the cosmic world and where your free will lies.

Once you realize who you are, you can discover more about your karma and your life purpose. Find out your birth date, time and place and you can know what potential things the universe has to offer you.

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