What Does 2021 Look Like for Your Future?

What Does 2021 Look Like for Your Future?

As the year 2021 is already here, we all want to know what we can do to feel good in our lives. As the planets and the signs come to us, we can figure out what we are meant to do in our lives and what challenges we will face.

Four Eclipses

There are eclipses that can influence the signs that we have. The New Moon will be part of the solar eclipse and this can show us that a new beginning is coming in our life.

When the Lunar eclipse happens, this means that we have powers to be closer to the planets.

  • May 26, 2021 is the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • June 10, 2021 Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse
  • November 19, 20201 is the Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • December 4, 2021 is the Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde

When the Sun is close to Mercury, Virgo and Gemini rule. This is the 3rd and 6th house, and it shows that there will be interaction.

This will be a time to be curious and to travel and try new things. The Mercury Retrograde will happen 3 times and will work with the Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius signs. This will be when we cannot communicate for a while, but things will be repaired.

  • January 30 to February 20-Aquarius Mercury Retrograde
  • May 29 to June 22-Gemini Mercury Retrograde
  • September 26 to October 18-Libra Mercury Retrograde


This will be a time where you can find love and you can meet new friends. You will be happy and have a good heart.


Mars will help you to reach your goals and you will find love and sex. You will have a natal chart that will help you to find what you want in your life.

Outer Planets

Uranus will work and will help the Aquarius and the Taurus. You will have a direct station in January and Uranus Retrograde will start in August.

Saturn will work with Capricorn and will change the power and it will happen on May 23.

Jupiter will work with Sagittarius and will happen May 13.

Neptune will work with Pisces in June.

Scorpio will rule the cosmic mind and will happen in April through October.