Using Numerology to Help You Discover Your Parenting Style


As a parent, you will want to be the best that you can be. You can look at your zodiac and see how your personalities work to help you be compatible in your life and as a partner.

Some people look at their zodiacs to find the best jobs, relationships and money and they can even look to find out the best parenting style that they have.

Look at your sun sign and your zodiac to figure out what kind of female parent you will be. If you are a male, look at your tenth house and this will help you to figure out what kind of parenting style you will have.


The Aries is a fire sign and will help you to be successful in raising your children. This means you will be passionate, and you will love to have downtime and schedules.


The Taurus will make a great parent that is loving and patient. They love to have security and will love doing things together and working hard to make the family work.


The Gemini parent will love to get dirty and have fun playing. They will want to connect with their kids and have a lot of love.


The Cancer sign will be a good parent that loves traditions. They love to play games and to cook meals together. Holidays are their favorites.


The Leo will see all the accomplishments in the family and will love to share things with their children. They will be proud of all of their children’s successes.


The Virgo parent will be open and will love to communicate with their child. They will help their children to be responsible and to learn.


The Libra parent will be loving and will have a balance of fun and work. They will want to have an easy relationship with their children that they can talk about anything.


The Scorpio parent will have strong intuition and they will know what is going on in their children’s lives. They will know when something isn’t wrong and will do activities to make sure that their children learn and grow.


The Sagittarius is a parent that will want to share things with their children. They will want to go on vacations and have fun whenever it pops up.


The Capricorn parent is one that will want to have fun and will want to work hard on education and other things. They will take their parenting seriously.


The Aquarius will be there to live in the moment, and they will encourage their children to be the best they can be. They will want them to love others and to be compassionate. Their parent will have a big heart and so will the children.


This sign will be a very protective parent. They will make sure that their children are creative and can express themselves and they will make sure that people are treating their children good. They will love things like art and music and will encourage their children to be creative and to find their own passions.



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