Using Numerology to Help Heal You

Using Numerology to Help Heal You

Each and every person has some kind of psychic gift. Some people have strong intuition while others are clairvoyant or clairaudient. Each person has a zodiac sign and they can use this sign to help them figure out what their gifts are.

The person has to be able to trust that they are listening to what the spirit world is telling them and trust that their gifts are strong inside of them.

Zodiac and Abilities

There is strong intuition in a person and it often has to do with the sun and moon and the way that the signs are aligned. When you want to know what your psychic abilities are, here are some ways that you can do that:

  • The fire signs are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius and they are full of faith, passion and have strong ideas. They use their intuition strongly and usually have clear knowing or claircognizance.
  • The water signs are Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer and they have strong emotions and strong intuition. These people are normally sensitive and when they meditate, they have clairsentience or clear feelings.
  • The air signs are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. These people are smart and able to communicate well. Their gift is generally clairvoyance or clear seeing.
  • The earth signs are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus and these people are normal able to feel sensations and to know when they should be cautious. These signs normally have clairaudience or clear hearing.

Zodiac Signs

Here is a list of the signs:


The Aries is the Ram and they have to fight against being impulsive. They want to know what they need and when things come into their mind, they find answers.


The Taurus is a practical sign and they are cautious of others. If they have no trust, then they will block their intuition and they will pick up on energies around them.


The Gemini is mystical, and they have strong intuition. They will not talk themselves out of their gift, but they are very logical.


The Cancer is there to help you understand what is going on inside. They have no fear and they use their sign to protect themselves.


The Lion is very strong and follows its heart. They are often arrogant and find themselves being proud, but they are strong in their intuition.


The Virgo is a sensual sign and they make big impressions. They are able to solve the problems of life and learn to trust the right people.


The Libra is able to be in touch with their psychic abilities and they can see things clearly. They like to make plans ahead of time and move forward.


The Scorpio is very visionary, and they know things that are going on around them. They can sometimes even read mind and they know what people are feeling.


The Sagittarius is someone that is creative and strong. They become wild when they know what is going on and they will get their desires.


The Capricorn is a practical sign and they are cautious. They have strong impressions and they trust their intuition to guide them.


The Aquarius is a clairvoyant and they are able to trust their feelings and intuition. They like to get visions and want to help others.


This is a sign that is very sensitive and is a clairsentient because of their nurturing personality. They know things before others do and they want to help make things good for everyone.