Understanding Your Life Path Number

Understanding Your Life Path Number

If you feel stuck in your life perhaps it’s time to turn to numerology for clarity and redirection.  Much like how astrology is more than just your birth sign, so to is numerology a multifaceted tool to gain greater insight into your life’s purpose.  The Life Path Number is numerology is most closely aligned with the astrology’s Sun Sign, or authentic self.  Similarly, the Soul Urge Number is the counterpart of astrology’s Moon Sign, or one’s inner motivations.  If you are looking to identify your purpose in life, or any key challenges and lessons you may encounter during your life, discover your Life Path Number today!

Steps to Identify Your Life Path Number

  1. Write down your full birthday on a sheet of paper or in the memo section of your cell phone. – i.e. July 1, 1980 becomes 7/1/1980
  2. Add up each number until you obtain a single digit

07+01+1980 = 1988



  1. The resulting number is your Life Path Number

Someone born on 7/1/1980 has a Life Path Number of 8

As we stated before, one’s Life Path Number helps a person understand their purpose on Earth and key facets that can help or hinder their growth.  Use this knowledge in concert with your zodiac sign and natal chart.  Numbers have unique means in both astrology and numerology.  So, it’s important to use both aspects to strengthen your sense of self at the both physical and spiritual levels. A Cancer with a Life Path Number of 8 have a distinct journey than a number 8 who is a Sagittarius.  To help you along your journey we have compiled each Life Path Number and the salient personalities traits in terms of numerology.

Life Path 1: Trailblazer

The number one signifies a beginning.  Therefore, it makes sense that Ones are gift in leadership and ambition.  They are often viewed as bold, daring, strong and self-motivated.

Ones are often regarded as lone wolfs since they worry about others letting them down.  This frequently means undertaking a project solo to ensure it is done “properly.”  There is a tendency to be guarded, but this can be smoothed over with sincere empathy.

Unfortunately, Ones often desire praise and obedience from others.  This also leads to another criticism of Ones viewing themselves as superior and will quash any effort to usurp their authority.

Life Path 2: Diplomat

Unlike the overbearing One, Twos opt to solve problems through mediation since they dislike bedlam or conflicts. One drawback is being perceived as weak and easily manipulated.  It is a goal for Twos to learn how to use their voice effectively and stand firm.  This question for listening makes them an ideal confidant and advocate.

Loyalty is a key attribute for a Two and the work to foster this in both themselves and the people in their life.  If they feel betrayed, a Two will immediately have a strong reaction.  Other words to describe Twos are steadiness, tranquil, truthful and reasonable.

Conversely, Twos passive nature can lead them to avoid reality instead preferring an idealized illusion.  They can have difficult making choices that benefit them at the expense of another.  A key lesson for Twos is how to embrace the negatives and find ways of using their strength to create blessings.

Life Path 3: Idealist

Threes sustain a child-like wonder throughout their life.  They are seen as talented, intelligent, creative and personable.  However, much like a child, threes can easily be oblivious, messy and codependent.  Threes can easily be temperamental if plans go awry.  Because they are always chasing the next dream, Threes can easily get distracted causing delays or even abandoning projects.  Thankfully, Threes are passionate about their loved ones and will always go out of their way to help them.  If you need a pair of rose-colored glasses, Threes will readily give you their own pair!

Life Path 4: Fixer

The hallmark of Fours is order, logic and constancy.  They are steady and reliable problem solvers.  Fours are so humble their achievements don’t gain much notoriety; their satisfaction is knowing they did an excellent job by their standards.  Some people see Fours’ sturdiness as boring, rigid, defensive and cranky, but these attributes are a result of Fours’ stalwart thinking and focus on hard-work.  They are driven to accomplish a task to the best of their ability and expect the same from others.

Life Path 5: Flexibility

Fives are fluid like water, possessing traits like adaptability, malleability and independence.  They crave variety in their life and hate to be confined by rules or expectations of others.  Fives are extremely loyal, but a bit reckless with the trust they can place in people.  They can prioritize the needs of others and divert the bulk of their energy and focus towards creating a solution to the concerns of their loved ones.

Fives must be careful of who they select as their romantic partner as their flexibility, tolerance and loyalty can lead them to devote themselves to a lover that is not good for them.  Fives require order, empathy, honesty and respect in their life partner and will always return this kindness ten-fold.

Life Path 6: Nurturer

Sixes have the loving tendencies of a parent, focused on care, honesty, knowledge and fairness.  If someone is facing a crisis, a Six is to whom they turn first to gain the love and support necessary for healing.

Much like with Fives, a Six can easily give their heart to an undeserving individual.  Sixes can easily be manipulated, but heaven help a person once a Six realized they’ve been wronged!  This sentimental lover must realize that not everyone is as loving and nurturing as they are, but a relationship can be strengthened through open, honest and supportive communication.

Life Path 7: Analyzer

Sevens are curious and tenacious investigators.  Using a blend of creativity and logic they create ample opportunities and proactive solutions. Sevens strive for perfection, which is both a blessing and curse.  Their thirst for knowledge is endless and trying to craft the ideal solution can cause them “analysis paralysis” and toxic coping skills like self-isolation or addictive tendencies.  On the positive side, Sevens are extremely receptive to love and affection as long as they view the person as reliable and healthy for their well-being.  The goal for Sevens is creating a peaceful mind and diverse self-care routine.  It’s important to take breaks from the hard work of analyzing and enjoy the more fun and light-hearted moments in life.

Life Path 8: Executive

Eights enjoy a life of abundance.  They are ambitious and committed to mentoring the people in their life.  This often leads to a life filled with success both personally and professionally.  Achieving success is reliant on Eights having a diverse and supportive team around them.  This team helps inspire and empower an Eight to live up to their highest potential.  The team can also help an Eight avoid feeling darker emotions like envy, jealousy, anger and pettiness.

Life Path 9: Lover

Nines seem to love just about everyone and view strangers as future friends.  They are tireless advocates and helpers, seeking to promote healing through benevolence actions and sincere efforts to care and understand another’s point of view.  They don’t understand why others can get easily jaded and can easily become overwhelmed or depressed by any negativity they encounter.  They must avoid this energy drain causing apathy, as the world is in desperate need of Nines’ love and mindful attention.

Nines are quick to avoid conflict and can easily wear a mask to avoid anyone becoming uncomfortable in a situation.  They are hopeless romantics that are fixated in creating and fostering love whenever and wherever possible.  They wear their emotions on their sleeves and are prone to being dramatic.  However, it is important Nines stay true to themselves and their purpose for spreading love, light and hope to the whole of humanity.