Understanding Numerology


Numerology is when the vibrations of the universe are working, and they are all at a certain frequency. Numerology has numbers and each number has a different vibration. The different dates and names that you have are on their own vibration and when a numerologist looks at their chart, they can find out what letter there is and what the vibration is.

These numbers will work together to tell you things such as:

  • Your life purpose.
  • Character traits you have.
  • What your personality is like.
  • Challenges you will face in your feelings and emotions.
  • What careers work best for you.
  • Which partners you are most compatible with.

Who Made Numerology?

Numerology was made by Pythagoras who was the father of numerology. He was a Greek mathematician and loved to do math and metaphysics.

Areas of Numerology

Here are the areas of numerology:

  • Life path numbers: This is the number that shows your life purpose. It can help you to see what kind of talents that you have. All you need to calculate this is your date of birth added together.
  • Soul urge numbers: This is your spiritual self and what your values and beliefs are. You can calculate this by giving values to the vowels of your full name and add them together.
  • Karmic numbers: This is the numbers that show your destiny and what you are wanting in life and what you are afraid of. You can use a chart to calculate this number by giving the consonants a value and adding them.
  • Expression numbers: These are numbers that tell your talents and your gifts. You can get this number by adding the value of each letter in your name together.

Calculating Numbers with Your Name

You might wonder if you have to be good at math to understand numerology. Numerology is simple and you can follow the numerology chart and find out all of your numbers. Here are some examples:

  • Add all the numbers of your name together to get a number.
  • Numbers 1-9 are the biggest numbers in numerology unless there is an 11 or 22.
  • If you don’t have an 11 or 22, add the two-digit number together.

Numbers and Meanings

Here are the meanings to the important numbers in numerology:

  • Number 1: This number tells you that you are free and independent. It is a masculine number and can mean you are a born leader. You might face challenges of falling into different patterns that aren’t good for you.
  • Number 2: The number 2 is a feminine number and can mean you have strong intuition. It can mean you like to influence people and you are smart. You don’t want to be known for what you do. You can face challenges by being overly sensitive or moody.
  • Number 3: This number can mean you have a lot of confidence, and you might be a healer or someone that is creative. Some challenges are that you will take on too many challenges and become overwhelmed.
  • Number 4: This number can mean that you are a great friend and very loyal. You enjoy doing the same things over and over. You are very trustworthy and honest. Some challenges are that you might be stubborn, and you want to be in control.
  • Number 5: This number can mean that you want to try new things and you like to do different stuff. It can mean you like to go, go, go and you don’t care what other people are doing. Some challenges can be that you need to feel free.
  • Number 6: This number can mean you are a family person, and you are loving and kind. It can mean you want to be peaceful, and you hate being part of drama of others. Some challenges is that you often forget about yourself because you are helping others.
  • Number 7: This number can mean that you are inquisitive, and you want to find new things to learn. Some challenges are that you get caught up in your thoughts and you don’t care about others.
  • Number 8: This number can mean that you think rationally, and you might be a business person. Some challenges are that you worry a lot about finances and material things.
  • Number 9: This number can mean you are loving and kind to other people. You are respectful of all people, and you are a humanitarian. Some challenges is that you get burnt out because you take on too many problems that other people have.
  • Master Number 11: This is the 11 and it doesn’t get reduced. This can mean you are charming, and you are a leader or athlete.
  • Master Number 22: This is a combination of the 11 and 4. This can be someone that is a leader and does great things for others.