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The Zodiac Signs and How They Love

Do you ever wonder why you act the way you do with your partner? You can’t understand why your partner acts the way they do either. Some people believe personalities are formed in the stars and planets. There remains the ancient believe that the Zodiac signs people are born under affects them in all kinds of ways, including love.

Here is a thumbnail about how each Zodiac sign sees and responds to love:

  • Aquarius

Those born under this sign are free-spirited, intense and want to change the world. They are mysterious and that makes them sexy. However, all those qualities can be problematic for relationships. They can love deeply, but only if they feel the connection is strong enough to make it worth the effort. They sometimes go on their own to do things without communicating with their partner. They also get so into their latest activism effort they can easily distance themselves from their partners.

One of the problems with Aquarians is they tend to run away from love. Their mystery can also eventually come off as cold as time goes on. They remain somewhat distant even in relationships.

  • Gemini

The sign of the twin denotes a split personality. That means the person born under this sign can switch from hot to cold in an instant. Those born under the Gemini sign love adventure and change. That makes it difficult for them to remain in relationships because they bolt once they get bored. They also confuse good, stable relationships with being boring. They can’t just love for love’s sake and need drama to keep a relationship interesting.

  • Virgo

Those born under this sign are a bit misleading to others around them. They appear strong and confident, but it’s all fake. They are really incredibly insecure.

Virgos are the most vulnerable of all the signs and tend to run away because they fear being hurt. They are perfectionists and are their own worst critics. They work hard at being the best at everything they try and that can cause problems with relationships as well. It can cause problems with the amount of time spent on their careers and projects. It can also cause problems with relationships because Virgos try to build their superhero complex up so strong to protect themselves. They are really guarded and don’t open up often.

  • Capricorn

People born under the Capricorn sign are extremely goal-oriented. However, love is not a priority or something they see as important to put time into. They also have a lot of different things going on, so they can appear distracted and lack focus.

The positive aspect of Capricorns is that they show love through actions. They will be the type to surprise you with gifts or a night out. They also do not need validation from their partners. They are independent, but sometimes act like they don’t need their partners. That can be a problem in relationships also.

  • Aries

People born under this fire sign are passionate and driven. Like a full-force blaze, they approach everything with passion, confidence and an all-in attitude. However, they also spark out quickly when times get complicated. They want what they can’t have and fall out of love as fast as they fall into it. They are impulsive and move forward before they think. They love the rush of the chase in love but quickly exit for the next challenge when it fades.

  • Sagittarius

Those born under this sign are fun, flirty and full of surprises. They are easy to fall in love with but, unfortunately, are hard to keep in a relationship. They love romance, and are great at it, but fall short when it comes to commitment. They crave adventure too much to settle down.

One problem with Sagittarians is they flirt with everyone, which may not be suited for those with jealousy or insecurity issues. They are full of emotion and are great at expressing it. They are also good communicators, if you can keep them around.

  • Leo

People who are Leos can be difficult in relationships primarily because they like to be the center of attention. Furthermore, they expect their partner to be the perfect accessory. That can make them critical and extremely image conscious. They can be arrogant and tend to run when their egos are bruised.

The positive sides of Leos are they are highly romantic and love in grand ways. They are dreamers and at their best when fulfilling their dream. However, they can also be easily disappointed.

  • Taurus

Those born in this sign is as steadfast as the bull represented by the sign. They stay in relationships and give it all they have. However, they will lose their temper if they feel like they are doing all the giving to keep the relationship going.

Those with this sign use logic in every aspect of their lives except in love. All clear thinking falls apart when it comes to love. They also tend to love the wrong people. They tend to stay when they should leave and explode when they don’t feel appreciated.

  • Pisces

These extremely emotional people love romance. They the world as they wish it was rather than the way it is. Those born under Pisces still want and believe in the happily-ever-after. The problem is life and relationships are not fairy tales.

These people are highly emotional people and crave deep connections. The problem is they want that to happen instantly at first sight and sometimes relationships take work.

  • Libra

This is the sign of balance and people born under it have dual, and sometimes conflicting, attributes. They have both a free air sign and the marriage sign, so that can make them really indecisive.

They are traditionally romantic enough that they fall in love with everyone they date. They push forward way too fast, imagining a life with that person before they should. However, commitment scares them and causes them to flee.

  • Scorpio

People with this sign are fascinating because Scorpio is the most sensual sign. However, they don’t plunge headfirst into relationships. Highly guarded, Scorpions think things through before giving their heart away. They want to make sure you are worth it before they surrender their love.

They are truth seekers so they are honest with their partners, sometimes brutally so. They speak whatever is on their mind. Their love of honesty also means they expect partners to reciprocate honesty. They will not tolerate liars. They also have a strong sense of pride and hate being wrong, so don’t expect to win an argument with them.

  • Cancer

Cancers are easy to love and love easily. This is the most loving and generous sign of the Zodiac. Incredibly open, they praise their partners daily, are highly romantic and can be really affectionate.

The problem with those born under this sign is the same problem with the crab represented by the sign. They have an outer shell and often don’t share their feelings until they explode in emotion. They are moody, insecure have too many fears to tell you when you hurt them. The only thing that will make them flee is a broken heart. You may never see that coming because of a lack of communication.

Every Zodiac sign has both good and bad attributes, just like people. While you can gain some guidance for personalities by looking to the stars, it takes some invested time in people to really get to know them and figure them out.

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