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The Zodiac Comfort Zone

When you think about leaving your bed and flirting with people that you meat, do you feel that you have something that will hold you back and do you feel that you have the fear of the unknown?

Astrology tells you about your destiny and it is written in the stars.  You are bigger than your destiny and you are complicated and beautiful, and you have a chance for change. Your zodiac sign is your protection.

Why do you want to leave the comfort of yourself when you can stay in the same place and feel safe and secure?  The truth is, that is how we grow.

There are many possibilities waiting on you in your life and it is like an adventure and missing your adventures would eventually make you unhappy.  It is important that you do things and be brave.


Aries seem to feel afraid that they will lose control.  They are the top of the zodiac and they don’t like to have their authority questioned.  They want there to be order and they feel that their enemies are disobedient. They will try to challenge you.

If you are an Aries, you need to learn to let loose some and learn to accept that things aren’t always the same and open up to new experiences. You need to clear your schedule some so that you can experience things and have an exciting life.


The Taurus is the comfort zone and they don’t like to take risks or think things are uncertain. These people are stubborn and want to stay focused on what they have planned and their dreams and visions.

It is important to make room and it won’t hurt you.  Being flexible is important and you need to surrender some of the discipline that you have by changing the routine that you have. You need to have fun and not plan out everything in your life.


The opposite sign is the Gemini and it cannot be tamed or put in a routine.  They fear being quiet and fear that they will always be tired and will not have experiences or grow.

Sometimes a Gemini needs quiet and will learn through different experiences and will learn to change.  Gemini need to have self-reflection and adventure.


Cancer is a person that is a Gemini but with more emotion.  They are afraid of silence as well and they are tender and fearful of being alone.  Cancer is afraid of facing insecurities and they are beautiful.

Schedule some time for yourself and this will help you to surround yourself with experiences and more confidence.


While a Cancer wants to be loved, a Leo seeks to be approved.  They want people to love them and they have a hard time of separating people from feelings.  Leo doesn’t like to be rejected and doesn’t want to be wrong.

Acting silly is out of the comfort zone of a Leo and so it is important that you try to do this for yourself.  Put on your craziest outfit and goof around a little bit.


The Virgo takes care of others and is the mom of the group but fun to be around.  They are not perfect and weren’t always needed but they will serve other people as much as they can.

Anyone who is failing the Virgo will o their best to pamper others and need to be treated.  They need to be petted and have time to rest and be pampered.


The Libra loves to have peace and quiet but loves loud parties.  The Libra does like having a schedule and being balanced.

The Libra accepts different challenges but doesn’t like things to be inconsistent.  But these things will only make you stronger and will not hurt you.


The Scorpio is the darkest sign and has a very mysterious life.  They are scared of what is inside of them.  The Scorpio will always try to shut you out.

When you see a Scorpio you will see that they are more comfortable with keeping things inside. You will never be able to truly make it unless you let others in.


The Sagittarius is wild and crazy, and nobody can stop her from reaching her goal.  She has a freedom of mind and movement and doesn’t like to be tied down.

Think about what you are doing, or you will get to a place where you can’t settle down.  Try to plant roots so you can stay in one place for a while.


The Capricorn is an energetic and enthusiastic person that likes to take journeys.  They want the world to know that they have no time to lose.  They will never miss an opportunity.

While they are aiming to succeed, they need to slow down and make a plan on their destination. If they start to feel lonely, they need to take time to enjoy the small things in life.


Being an Aquarius is very liberating. People of this sign are individuals and they don’t care of being part of a group.  They are unique and like to be different.

They don’t shut people out and they try to understand the differences of life.  An Aquarius doesn’t have to be alone just because they are an individual.


This sign is a sign that never stops, and they are fearless.  They will do any sacrifices and will never stop having your back.  They don’t want to be alone and unloved.

The Pisces will not reject you or bring you down.  They will be bold and passionate and have a gentle soul.  They can overcome their fear by facing reality and even if you get hurt, you can make it through.

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