Surviving Planet Retrogrades

Venus Retrograde

Have you had enough of being in retrograde? When Mercury hits retrograde or Venus, they can happen at different times like Venus will hit it once every eighteen months.

Venus Retrograde with Love and Finances

Venus is the planet that is considered the planet of love, and it helps to understand relationships and also financial situations. Using Western Tropical Astrology, it shows that Venus will hit retrograde when it is at 10 degrees Scorpio. Venus is one that can deter you which means that you might see things being delayed or set back.

Don’t give up when this happens or feel that you won’t ever find love but take this time to figure out what you can do to increase your chances and to live your best life. The same thing happens with the things that you have. It is best to not sell anything or to buy expensive things when Venus is in retrograde because if you do then you might get stuck with things that don’t work.

After about six weeks, Venus will move to another sign, Libra. When this happens, it is part of a pagan festival. This will make things more positive for you when it comes to love and money.

Mercury in Retrograde

After Venus is in retrograde it will be time for Mercury to follow. This normally starts in November and will end in December. This happens when Mercury is at 13 degrees Sagittarius and ends at 27 degrees Scorpio. This is a retrograde that goes across the different zodiacs.

Mercury retrograde is one that can affect the way that you talk to people. Mercury is one that rules technology and so everything that you hear should not be taken completely seriously.

Mercury retrograde will start in a bad way, in Sagittarius, but some feel that this is overly exhausting, and it normally isn’t. If Jupiter is involved, the retrograde will be easier to deal with. Once it gets into Scorpio though, the retrograde becomes more extreme and you will need to work through those things.

As the retrograde ends, you will be able to deal with things and you won’t be nearly as confused as you were. Seek clarity during this time and find out what you can do to better yourself.

Final Thoughts

The best way that you can handle life when the planets are in retrograde is to stop expecting so much to happen during this time. Love the things that you have and learn to have self-love and then you will have an easier time letting go of the strong emotions and feelings that the retrograde might have.

Always try and be positive and keep your head up no matter what the retrograde brings to you. Live life on the positive side in every situation and see how good things happen to you over and over again.