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Our Future is Guided - Not Dictated - by the Stars

People have always had a fascination with astrology. The idea that the heavens have a connection with humans has generated various beliefs over the millenia. Depending on the time period, our opinion of astrology has ranged from scientific belief to witchcraft to nonsensical superstition.

The Evidence of Astro Influence

There is real evidence that the stars and planets are connected to humans in a deeper connection than just looking or studying them from millions of miles away.  All nature, from earth to the universe, has repeated patterns. Those are shown in both the creation of the stars and planets to the design of the human body. These are subtle connections, but they do exist.

For instance, the six centers (chakras) of the spine are 12 by polarity and that corresponds to the 12 Zodiac signs. Humans have electrical energy running through their spinal centers and they can be affected by the pull of the stars, planets and moon if they don’t have a strong spiritual foundation.

This is why many believe a full moon brings out the evil in people. Even logical people like those in law enforcement will claim the craziest shifts occur on nights of full moons.

How the planets and stars align at the day and time of a child’s birth is believed to have some influence on that child’s personality and even his destiny. During the 1500s, doctors who delivered babies also presented the parents with a birth chart to guide them on how to assist the child in developing his natural gifts with his personality to achieve success.

Escaping Fate

While the stars may have some influence in that area, they do not dictate anyone’s exact future. Their influence is subject to patterns and life choices you make. An astrological chart is meant to help you overcome whatever deep-rooted issues are holding you back. It is not meant to predict your future.

The other danger is to become dependent on astrology to make all decisions. There are better times, universally speaking, than others for making major decisions. Some charts indicate when you will be the most clear headed or when others will be most attracted to your vibe and give you a good audience. However, to use an astrological chart to make all decisions is to use it improperly. Many of those decisions should be made with information, research and a deep spiritual connection to God. It is ultimately from God from whom you should seek guidance, not the stars.

Change Your Destiny

The other piece of advice is that you shouldn’t wait for the universe to change its course to change your destiny. You are not subject to the hands of fate or karma. It may seem that way, but you can change the consequences of past behaviors and decisions by implementing strategies that change your heart. Getting rid of bitterness and allow forgiveness, for instance, will do much to change your future because that will change how you respond to situations.

Many people, from the ancient Egyptians to now, make nature and the heavens things to worship rather than to learn from and enjoy. The objects of nature doesn’t have any power. They are under the power of God, who creates all things. They can only do what He allows, so any worship you may feel should be directed toward God.

Dealing with your heart and soul will help you navigate through any negative astro influences. Having a grounding will make you aware of changes around you and within you so you can meet any problem head on with confidence instead of fear.

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