Meaning of the Moon Sign and the Rising Sign?

Moon Signs

The moon and the rising sign will help you to know what is going on in your mind and your emotions. These are not just known because of when you were born but it also knows when you were born, where you were born and the time of your birth. Finding these things out can help you to figure out your soul and your personality. The moon sign will help you to know what your emotions are and what you feel and care about in your heart.

When someone asks you what your sign is, you will tell them something like Aries or Taurus. This means you are telling them your sun sign. The sun sign is the part of the zodiac that tells you when you were born. The sun sign helps you to know what you look at in life and what your personality is. It helps people to know if you are an introvert or an extravert or if you are someone that has big ideas or not. You might be sensitive like the Aquarius, or you might be someone that likes to stay home like the Cancer.

The way that astrology works, the sun sign is the one that helps you to know your personality and your dreams, but the moon sign and the rising sign will help you to know your emotions and your temperament.

Moon Sign

The moon sign is part of your emotions and the way that you handle things when they come to you. It can also show how you will handle things you are afraid of. It helps you to know what love is and how you feel when you seek love.

Have you ever met someone that had the same sun sign that you have but they are completely different than you in all ways? More than likely, it means that you have different moon signs.

Your moon sign will come out at night, and this will be the part of you that is not hidden and the part of you that comes out when the moon comes up. This is your subconscious part of your being.

When you are stressed out in life, the moon sign can tell you who you are. When things are hard, you will act a certain way and your emotions will cause you to be someone that you either trust or you want to keep hidden from others. This can make you feel like you aren’t being who you really are when you are actually being the truest you.

The moon sign will help you to decide if you want to be intimate in your relationship. It is how you know if you have love and if your love life is even important to you. Your love life and your moon sign can help you to decide if you are attracted to someone and how much love plays a role in your life.

Maybe you are someone that is passionate like the Scorpio, and you find that you are attracted to someone like the Taurus that is full of fire and is very sensual and loving. Maybe you want someone that seems strong.

There are many websites online that you can figure out your moon sign. You can calculate it online and once you know your moon sign; you can figure out what sign is in the moon and what kind of sign you are compatible with.

Rising Sign

The rising sign or the ascendant is the way that other people look at you. This is the impression that you make on someone right when they see you. This is a reflection of how you act spontaneously and how you change when you are surprised about something. This is the sign that is shown from the eastern horizon of the zodiac right when you were born.

When people meet you, they will talk to you, and this will be the rising sign that they are seeing. Do people describe you a certain way and it always surprises you? This happens because it is hard for people to see what other people see about them. What you see about yourself might not always come out like it does when someone sees you in a situation where you are nervous or anxious.

The rising sign is something that is your outward self. This can even change the mannerisms that you have and can affect how you look on the outside. A person that has Aries rising sign will often walk fast and sometimes will have strong shoulders. They have a lot of sinus and headache problems where the Gemini will be taller and have dark hair.

The ascendant is part of a time and a place and the environment that someone was born into and how someone was raised up as a child. This is the time that people learn who they are and how they can act in the world. It will be the way that someone functions and the real way that they act.

When we know our moon, sun, and rising sign, it helps us to know who we are and to interact with others. It gives a profile that is deeper than just the zodiac sign but gives you a general picture of who you are.

Next time someone says to you, “What is your sign,” you have lots of explaining to do!