Lucky Zodiac Signs

Lucky Zodiac Signs

Even if your sign is one of the luckiest zodiac signs, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be lucky. Luck comes in different times and with your sign as the moon, rising or sun sign, you might be lucky regardless of this list.

Luckiest Signs

Here are some of the luckiest and unluckiest zodiac signs:


Sagittarius is a sign that is ruled by Zeus, the Jupiter God. This is a good luck thing at the very beginning. Good luck follows the Archer and can help to keep them safe. If they are selfish or takes this for granted though it will cause them to be reckless and to miss out on their good luck.


The second luckiest sign is the Pisces ruled by Neptune. This is a lucky sign because it is a fish that can go almost anywhere. This sign is from Poseidon, and this means it is a protected sign that has fortune and dreams.


This is a sign that is ruled by Pluto and Mars and is a sign ruled by the God of War, Ares and Hades, the God of Death. Even though this doesn’t sound lucky, it is because they have inner faith, and they are guided well by their intuition which makes them very lucky.


Taurus, ruled by Venus is a lucky sign because they have abundance and happiness. They are able to be secure in their finances and they are able to hang on when others let go.


Libra is considered lucky because even when they get anger or upset, their inner self can bring them back into check. They are known as the planet Venus which is part of the Goddess of Love, and this is a great sign to have.


Leo is ruled by the sun and the god, Apollo. This is a sign of being blessed but sometimes they can be overly arrogant. But since they are lucky lions, they tend to be thankful, kind, and loving.


This sign is ruled by Uranus and Saturn and can mean wealth and getting what you need. This is a sign full of visions and beauty and they are always going out to reach their dreams. Being strong and having a strong will helps them to do what they can even when things are hard.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury making it a planet that doesn’t always want to be burdened. They are there to have order and not to be part of chaos and so they will do what it takes to have peace. They have some trust which helps them to get good fortune.


Cancer which is ruled by the Moon and the Mother Moon goddess is a sign that helps to heal broken hearts. They get burdened but they are looking for peace and security and so they don’t always feel lucky. They are lucky though because they have a lot of love.


The sign Aries is ruled by Mars which gives them strong energy. They are ruled by Ares, the ruling God and can have a strong temper. They should be positive but are often negative and careless which isn’t lucky, but they do listen well to their intuition.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and they are a sign that has conflicts in their life. They think about conflicts and their actions take part of them. They are often outwitting themselves and so they need to calm down and manifest good luck and good thoughts.


The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and they are often seen as hard working and non-believers. They don’t really believe in lucky and so when something goes wrong, they will lift themselves up to find happiness and peace.

Final Thoughts

Astrology plays a big role in how people see life around them. If you are looking for signs of luck, look deep in yourself first and then follow the zodiac to see what you find out.